Family gathers together for Easter, but the video—their family secret is like no other

April 14, 2018 2:49 pm Last Updated: April 14, 2018 2:49 pm

Easter is a time for families to come together, attend a service, eat a big meal, and … sing a musical number?!

That’s right. While most families were going on Easter egg hunts or playing board games, the LeBaron family performed a song from Les Miserables and, lucky for us, they recorded the whole thing and uploaded it online.

A video of the LeBaron family singing Les Miserables’s “One Day More” is going viral.

(Facebook/Jordon LeBaron/Screenshot)

The Utah-based LeBaron family has always had a knack for music. Growing up, Jayson LeBaron and his siblings were always involved in musical theatre. Then, when they became adults, they ended up marrying equally talented people.

“We’ve all grown up singing together and we’re all married musically talented people,” Jayson told Fatherly.

Now, when they get together, they always like to sing songs from musicals. For Easter this year, they sang the song “One Day More” from Les Miserables.

The video starts off simply:  The family, complete with babies in hand, stands around the couch and stares at a television offscreen while the song’s opening notes play. Yet the instant Jayson starts singing, it goes far above standard home movie territory.

Gradually more and more family members join in: brother Jordon as Marius, sister-in-law Angela as Cosette, and wife Karina as Eponine. Before long, every adult in the room is belting out beautiful music.

(Facebook/Jordon LeBaron/Screenshot)

When Jordon posted the video on Facebook, he added the caption: “Anyone looking to do Les Miserables for their next show? Better yet … anyone looking for an entire cast?”

The video gained viral status in practically no time at all. In it 8 days it amassed over 8 million views and was shared over 77,000 times.

Click the video below to see their incredible performance for yourself.