Family welcomes new baby boy, but it’s the ‘totally amazing’ timing that has them celebrating

August 22, 2017 4:41 pm Last Updated: October 1, 2017 11:12 am


An amazing coincidence just blessed this Littleton, Colorado family for the third time.

On July 1st, parents Connor and Jordan Eppard welcomed their second child, baby boy Beauden Mathew James Eppard to the family, making him the third Eppard male in four generations to share the same birthday. 

“It’s just totally amazing. They are all so close.”

Baby Beauden was born on July 1st, following his father Connor James Eppard, born July 1st 1990, and great-grandfather James “Jim” Morrisette, born July 1st, 1931.

Amazingly enough, it wasn’t planned. In fact, little Beauden arrived ahead of schedule, about two and a half weeks before his July 17 due date. But in an extraordinary twist of fate, his mother Jordan Eppard had to undergo an emergency C-section after experiencing complications, making these three Eppard men share more than just names.

“It’s just totally amazing. They are all so close,” said the baby’s 26-year-old mother, Jordan. 

It was almost as if little baby Beauden wanted to be born on the same day as his dad and great-grandpa.

“Having him come on my birthday and my grandfather’s birthday, it’s a pretty amazing thing.”

Despite his premature delivery, Beauden was born a healthy, smiling 8-pound, 11-ounce baby. And to celebrate the rare—technically 1 in 33,000 chance—Connor and Jordan named their son after his great-grandfather “James.”

“We had to keep up the tradition. He’s named after his father and great grandfather,” Connor said. “Having him come on my birthday and my grandfather’s birthday, it’s a pretty amazing thing.”

You can just imagine how ecstatic 86-year-old great-grandfather Jim was when he heard the news.

“It’s beyond my words. It was so exciting. It was just hard to believe.”

In a grand party, the close-knit family celebrates their birthdays together every year, and next year, they’ll have an even greater reason to celebrate.

Proud grandfather Jim said the new bundle of joy has inspired him.

“I’m 86 now, and I don’t know how many more birthdays I’ll have, but that’s a special incentive to keep going, for sure.”