Family set up pool in their backyard for summer. They were not prepared for who broke in

December 6, 2017 11:44 am Last Updated: December 6, 2017 11:44 am

Imagine preparing for a backyard swim and seeing another family enjoying your pool?

When the sun hits the states, families and friends pack up their bathing suits and travel to different places to enjoy the water. Some people travel out the country to enjoy the weather, other goes to local beaches, or, if you’re this family of bears, travel to other people’s backyards.

A mother was in the house with her own family when she spotted a mother bear and her five cubs enjoying their backyard’s pool and floaties.

The mother bear was enjoying the water float, as two cubs played on the children’s slide. Another cub was enjoying the family’s swing set and the other cub played in the water.

The five cubs had fun with the toys while the mother went for a nice dip.

(Tim Basso/ YouTube)

The Bassos had seen bears in the neighborhood before—but never in their on backyard, and certainly not six at once.

Tim Basso put the video up on YouTube and during the video, you can hear that the Basso children were not pleased with sharing their pool and toys with the cubs.

“No going on the swing bear!” one of the Basso children scolds the cub.

The furry family hopped back and forth in the pool working the backyard from play-fighting to balancing on the pool, to playing with the toy balls.

The children and their dad were not interested in their furry visitors, but mom did not mind letting them enjoy the pool. She told her children that daddy will get them another pool.