Family adopts 5 kids and it sparks a record-breaking day of adoption in a different state

June 13, 2017 6:18 pm Last Updated: June 13, 2017 6:18 pm

Thanksgiving is a time of reflection as we remember all the things that we are grateful for. The Heuer family from Arizona brought “thankful” to a whole new level when they adopted five siblings a week before Thanksgiving. That’s right, FIVE! Brenda and Curt adopted Brianna, 9, Kristyl, 7, Bradley, 6, Emily, 3, and Kate, 2 – because they did not want the siblings to be split up and placed with multiple families.

Incidentally, the day the Heuer’s adopted these wonderful children, November 19, was National Adoption Day. “We really strove to keep the children together. All the children have left is each other,” Brenda told InsideEdition.

“We have the capability. We needed to adopt these kids,” she said. That is a wonderful and true statement made by new mom, considering the couple had already fostered fifty kids.

Just weeks after the Heuer family adopted their five children, a record-breaking day of adoption in Iowa helped some 70 children find permanent homes on the same day. It’s possible that the Heaurs inspired others.

Even the judge couldn’t help himself from participating in the special occasion.  Instead of the usual serious protocol of a courthouse, Judge Robert Blink celebrated with funny hats, toys (including wooden cars he makes and brought for the children), and tears of joy. “It’s rare to have a decision where everybody wins,” Judge Robert Blink said as he put on his Dr. Seuss hat. In fact, Judge Blink makes a hobby out of crafting together wooden toys, and each child adopted that day received one from him.

One new father summed up the sentiment in the toy-filled room that day. “We feel blessed to have them,” he said. His wife, glowing as the reality of adding two more to their family became official. “They’ve been with us now for awhile, we love them, they’re ours. But there’s a reality of it that sets in on a day like today,” she said. That reality is love – pure selfless love.

You can watch the Iowa adoption of seventy kids below.

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