Woman gets pulled over for suspected DUI—it turns into the happiest day of her life

October 20, 2017 5:55 pm Last Updated: October 21, 2017 2:11 pm

Getting pulled over isn’t fun—we’ve nearly all experienced the dread of seeing flashes of police lights appear in our side mirror.

Maybe you realized you were going over the speed limit, or perhaps you had no idea what you did wrong. Either way, it’s usually not a good experience.

However, for one California woman who got pulled over for a suspected DUI, it ended up being the happiest day of her life.

Deputy Kevin Bowes, of Palmdale, California, got especially creative when proposing to his then-girlfriend.

He decided to stage a fake DUI traffic stop, recruiting his colleagues to help him out. In the video shared by the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station on Facebook, Bowes can be seen sneaking up on his now-fiancee during a field sobriety test.

Despite her confusion, as she was sober and had been driving safely, she was following the officer’s instructions. She can be seen complying as she was instructed to look up at the sky while tapping her nose, and then told to turn in a circle.

What she wasn’t expecting when she spun around was to find Bowes in front of her, on one knee.

“Oh my gosh,” she can be heard saying, frozen in shock, before she hurried over to embrace him in a hug with tears in her eyes.

“Is that a yes?” he asks, and she nods passionately.

The deputy in charge of conducting the so-called “sobriety test” can be heard asking teasingly, “That was a yes? Okay, just wanted to make sure.”

Along with the video, the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station posted the following message on Facebook:

Congratulations to future Mrs. Deputy Bowes. She thought she was a suspect DUI driver but it was a traffic stop that changed her life. Watch as Deputy Bowes proposes to his future wife. We are so happy for you brother, and thank you for allowing us to be part of this wonderful moment. Welcome to the Tan & Green family, and may you have a wonderful life together. #LASD#AV411 #SheSaidYes