Ever hear of ‘pareidolia?’ These objects look a lot like human faces…

May 13, 2017 10:22 am Last Updated: May 13, 2017 10:22 am

The 16 interesting photos show the images of faces or animals perceived in daily objects. You’ll be amazed to see how coincident it is to have such vivid familiar images formed in irrelative objects.

Have you ever looked up at the sky and seen an angel or a face looking at you? Or you might have seen faces in everyday objects like trees, stones, food, floors… or almost everything.

Some faces seem to smile or grin at you, some look like they are talking to you, and sometimes we perceive something like animals or cartoon figures on building walls, mountains, or rocks.

Perceiving these images is not a result of any mental problem. Most of us have had similar experiences. It is a psychological phenomenon called pareidolia which makes you see images of faces, animals, or other familiar things in common objects. Take a look at the following photos, these interesting images will definitely bring you a smile.

Source: Reddit

1. This onion is a minion.

A scheming onion.

2. Don’t be so disappointed!

A pepper that’s about to sneeze.

3. This chicken is pious.

A chicken church.

4. “Give me your bag. You can count on me!”

“I… I have hands..”

5. If you always lie on an icy sea, you’ll definitely look sturdy.

Serious iceberg has a lot to think about.

7. It’s warm and cozy here.

He’s just happy to be here.

8. The cookie is just happy!

Cutest cookie I have ever seen.

9. This little turtle looks trying to walk faster.

A popcorn turtle.

10.This pair of pants seems to peep at its owner.

A skeptical pair of pants…

11. “Help! I’m here!”

OOOooo… ooOOOooo.. Pick me, Pick Me!

12. This frog looks blue and contemplating.

The frog prince.

13.“I’m looking at you. And I’m serious!”

A faceplant.

14.“Please! Don’t eat me though I’m really… yummy!”

That moment when you gaze into your ice cream… and it gazes back.

15. “Come on! Just put your stuff on my arms. I can hold everything!”

Comee Onnnn .. Lemme at ‘em Lemme At Em!! Put up your dukes!

16. “What! You’re not going to take me out?”

Whadd’i tell’ya about wearing socks with sandals?!

Keeping a curious and observing mind as a child and having more humor and imagination, life can be really fun everywhere anytime!