Even the fiercest of animals can have a cuddly side

They're not much different from "man's best friend"
July 10, 2018 4:47 pm Last Updated: July 10, 2018 4:47 pm

Need your daily dose of awww?

Here are some of the most adorable examples of human-animal friendships. What is it that makes some of these dangerous creatures so comfortable with humans? Regular training is probably a good part of it, and loving care and kindness, (and maybe a lot of regular feedings).

The internet is probably one of the only places you’re likely to find wild animals like these that are this friendly but don’t let that ruin moment.

Would I cuddle a baby donkey? You bet, kiss a lion on the nose, or snuggle with a brown bear? Ehhh, how about you go first?

Some of these animals surely aren’t typically “man’s best friend,” but it is fascinating to see the possibility of some common ground, and even a little affection. If there are times of peace between man and some of the most savage of beasts, what excuses do we really have? Even if it may be under special circumstances.

Ah, if only we could all feel as relaxed as that cow looks.

So sit back for a minute, and let this video entertain you and release some of the stress of the day.

Hope you enjoy the video!