Wisdom from people who lived past 100

June 6, 2017 7:54 pm Last Updated: June 6, 2017 7:54 pm

We often wonder how to live a life without regrets. Why not take in some advice from people on the other side of the coin? Here are three people who lived past 100 and what they have to say about life. Just to reiterate, these people lived since about 1910, so they must be doing something right!

Did anyone else get that Beatles reference? (Source: Wikimedia)

Clifford Crozier was born in 1915, and is currently at the ripe old age of 101, turning 102 this upcoming September. Finding comfort in the little things and being resourceful is what brings joy to this man. “As long as I can be helpful and keep going, that’s the main thing.” He jokes that because he’s been retired for 38 years, he’s “robbing the government with my pension.” Crozier has no regrets, and he certainly doesn’t feel old.”It’s just that you keep going. It’s only a number. A hundred and one is only a number,” he says. Crozier also enjoys an occasional shot of whiskey.

Amelia Tereza Harper feels lucky at 103, since “3” is her lucky number. In her younger years, she knew hardship when her father was a prisoner of war. At 103, however,  she discovered ways to create her own luck and happiness, saying that he can live happily forever after off of the memories that she’s already created. “I don’t think there’s anything I really need to do because I’ve done practically everything that I ever wanted to do in the past,” she says. Harper enjoys talking to others, doing things, and shopping.

When dealing with keeping up with her memories, which she certainly has a lot of, Harper says she sort of makes a game of it where she acts as a matchmaker. “I try to sort of reorganize the story about these people that I have got in my mind and mix them up together first, and then pair them all. And I think there are quite a few people out there that would be very very happy to be together because they are such lovely people that they are,” Harper said.

John Millington Denerly was born in 1914, but still tries to think of his life with a smile on his face. “I’ve had a relatively easy life, with the RAF five years of war. It was an adventure more than a penalty, even amongst the bombs,” Denerly said. Even so, he warns about excessive indulging. “I wasted a lot of time in my childhood, entertainment and that sort of thing,” he said. Like Clifford Crozier, Denerly thinks that age is just a number. “I don’t feel any older than I was what, twenty…thirty years ago,” Denerly said.