Ellie needs your help in finding the man that saved her. Can you help find Tom?

July 25, 2017 5:58 pm Last Updated: October 27, 2017 10:32 am


Ellie Farnfield woke up alone. On a bench, in a train station, with a single note.

The 27-year-old  woke up in that place not knowing how in the heck she ever got there or how long she’d been there. Imagine that for just a moment. What would you do? Where would you even begin?!

Farnfield did not suffer from some alcohol-induced blackout or anything even near that.

No, she had what is known as an unprovoked seizure.  It’s not something anyone could ever predict and it can be extremely frightening for the victim, causing severe stress and anxiety. One minute you are just going about doing whatever it is you do, and the next minute you’re in a place where everything is unknown. Who wouldn’t stress out?

At first she was confused.

But this is where Farnfield’s story takes an even more bizarre twist.

But this is where Farnfield’s story takes an even more bizarre twist. In her tightly clenched hand, was a personalized note. When she opened it, it was penned by a complete stranger and read:

Hi, Eleanor. I hope by the time you read this you are feeling better. You had a seizure on the train and I took you off. You didn’t hit your head, but I may have hurt your leg as I walked on it before realizing you were on the floor having a fit! Sorry! I’m also sorry I can’t stay with you now, but here is a coffee to perk you up later and £10 to make sure you get a taxi home. Sorry, I don’t have any more money, so I hope you don’t live far away. I’ve contacted people from your phone and medical help is on its way and you’re with train staff. Wishing you all the best and a quick recovery. Love Tom.”

Again, picture yourself in that scenario. Would you freak out even more, or would it bring you some comfort? Would it give you enough information, or frustrate you for maybe falling just short of that? For Farnfield, it was calming and hopeful.

“I saw the note and the money and felt quite emotional—it was such a thoughtful thing to do.”

“Anything could have happened. I could have hit my head, fallen off the train, been there a long time.”

“I just want to thank Tom for his help. I’d tell him: ‘You’re a star and I really, really appreciate it.”

Farnfield made it home safely, thanks to the mysterious Tom having contacted others and leaving her in good care. But Ellie Farnfield, after several years of searching via social media is still yet to find him.

Can you help Ellie find Tom?


Ellie just wants to say thank you to the person who took care of her. About two years ago, Ellie’s story and her search for Tom was everywhere, and you may even remember it. But we wanted you and Ellie and Tom to know that we haven’t forgotten, the initial response in 2015 was tremendous and so broad in scope that we thought for sure someone would know the Tom that helped Farnfield!, the odds of reuniting with Tom are turning in Ellie’s favor!

We all know one person who would be more than grateful.

She had posted the message initially on Facebook along with the message:

“Faith restored in humanity in London last night. Thank you so much to everyone who helped me last night – especially “Tom”.”

“Would love to try and find this man so I can return his money and add many many thanks to it!!”

Ground control to Major Tom! Are you out there?