Elderly woman was a restaurant regular, so when she stopped showing up, a concerned waitress made a call

September 18, 2017 8:52 am Last Updated: October 16, 2017 11:09 am

We humans are social animals. People are naturally drawn to foster relationships with one another, and we rely on those relationships to survive. But it is all too easy to be selfish and ignore everyone but yourself. Unfortunately, this allows the most vulnerable of us to fall through the cracks. Even though we’re not wired to be selfish loners, it sometimes comes too easily.

And the results can be tragic.

But we’re not all like that, and when one waitress noticed that a 10-year regular was missing for a few days, she went out of her way to check up on her. It did not take much, but simply caring about another person ended up saving a life.

87-year-old Doreen Mann goes to her local restaurant five times a week and has forged a close relationship with Sonia Congrave, a waitress who works there.


UK native Doreen Mann, 87, has been a customer at the same restaurant for nearly a decade. She goes there five times a week, and every time she does she orders the same thing: Apple pie.

During her long tenure, she struck up a close-knit relationship with one of the waitresses, Sonia Congrave.

The two women see each other multiple times every week, and that was why alarm bells sounded when Mann did not show up.

Little did Congrave know that Mann was in quite a difficult spot.


On one Friday morning in 2016, Mann stepped into her bathtub to wash up. But her knees gave away, and she fell. Naked and alone, she was stuck in the bathtub with no warmth and no way of alerting anyone to her predicament.

“I kept thinking, ‘Well, I suppose I could die in a worse place than this,’” Mann said according to ODN.

All Mann had was a towel to keep herself warm.


Though on the surface this might seem comical, the senior was unable to get up and ended up being stuck in her bathtub until Monday, a total of four days.

Meanwhile, Congrave was getting progressively more and more worried as the days went on. When Monday rolled around and Mann was nowhere to be found, her anxiety too much to bear.

And so, Congrave called the police to check up on her just in the nick of time. Thankfully, they found Mann, cold, but alive and without serious injury.

Mann was found alive and was incredibly grateful to Congrave for worrying about her.


It cannot be overstated how important this simple act was for Mann’s survival. No one had bothered to check on Mann, and without Congrave calling the police, she could have died.

“She’s my stepdaughter now,” Mann said according to ODN. “In fact, she’s better than, probably, if I had a daughter.”

Congrave, for her part, is just glad that the worst was averted. But she hopes her example will inspire others to be a little more conscientious of their fellow man.

“I think it would be nice for us all to just take a bit of time out to remember your neighbors, or  remember the lady down the road who you haven’t seen for a few days, and give a knock or a phone call, and just say, ‘are you alright?’” Congrave said according to ODN.

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