Elderly woman walking gets trapped, thinks its over when dog abandons her—but then he does this

June 8, 2018 5:48 pm Last Updated: June 8, 2018 5:48 pm

Dogs have been our constant companions for thousands of years. And through helping us survive and live in our world, the loyalty and companionship they have given us has definitely earned them their title of “man’s best friend.” 

That same loyalty was what one elderly woman experienced after she trapped herself in thick, spiky brambles during a walk through woods. She was in need of some serious help, but when one of her dogs ran off, it seemed as if her long-time companion was gone for good. 

But as the woman feared for her and her dog’s safety, this plucky, 8-year-old pup was on an important mission. 

75-year-old Val Smith was walking down a wooded path near her home when she became trapped.

Some time ago, 75-year-old UK-resident Val Smith was walking in the woods near her Plymouth home. Accompanying her were her two dogs, Snoopy and Bonnie, her 8-year-old border collie.

However, while she had walked this route before, today was different—after a few wrong turns, she found herself stuck. 

“When I came to the little path that’s usually there, it was absolutely brambles,” Smith told SWNS. “In no time at all, I couldn’t go back and I couldn’t go forward.”

Smith had trapped herself in thick, thorny shrubs that scratched at her when she tried to move. Worse, as Smith struggled to free herself, Bonnie took off into the woods, alone.

Smith’s concern for her dog only made the situation worse.

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When my collie vanished I thought, ‘oh God, someone will pinch her,’” Smith said.

Bonnie’s disappearance only added to Smith’s stress. Meanwhile, Snoopy, her other dog, didn’t help calm the situation, either; distraught at his owner’s peril, the dog circled Smith, unsure of what to do.

Though being trapped was stressful enough, Smith had to contend with the fact that she had little hope of rescue. The woods were deserted; if she waited for help, she would be trapped for a long time.

But unbeknownst to Smith, Bonnie was not running away, nor was she in danger of being stolen.

Bonnie was on a mission to save her trapped master.

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Out of concern for Smith, Bonnie had not run away; instead, the loyal dog ran down the path to find help. 

And some time later, she found it; Bonnie encountered two school teachers further up the path. Luckily, one of the teachers was a dog-owner herself and recognized the signs of Bonnie’s distress.

Like a scene straight out of “Lassie,” the two women then pressed Bonnie to lead them to the problem. They followed the dog nearly 500 yards down the path where they heard Smith’s cries for help. 

“A half an hour later, I heard a lady say ‘we’re coming to get you,’” Smith said.

Smith was taken completely by surprise—her dog had saved her.

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The two women then helped untangle the elderly woman from the vines and took Smith back home for a well-deserved cup of tea.

“I just think they were marvelous,” Smith told SWNS.

But the real hero was Bonnie; not only for her loyalty, but for her companionship, as well.

“It’s nice to think—I mean I’m a widow, and I haven’t got any relatives around—that somebody cares about me,” Smith said.

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