Wife freaks out after husband of 60 years goes missing. Then she gets the call from cops

October 11, 2017 12:41 pm Last Updated: October 13, 2017 3:51 pm


In 2011, Melvyn Amrine began to forget a lot of things and eventually he needed help even walking around outside, but that was just the beginning of his declining mental state—or so it seemed.

“Did I invite you to marry me or did you ask me?” Melvyn Amrine asked his wife of 60 years, Doris. “No, no, you asked me to marry you!” she reminded her husband.

He told her “some of that is kind of lost [on him].” But the truth was that was that just one of the many things Melvyn couldn’t remember after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2011.

For Doris, it was sad and painful to see their precious, irreplaceable moments slowly fade from his memory.

Then three years after his diagnosis, something happened that made her realize that her husband still loved her from the bottom of his heart, despite not being able to remember the details of their lives together.

On the day before Mother’s Day, her husband disappeared.

It was strange because he usually didn’t leave the house without his wife or someone to help him walk around. So when Doris got the call that he was found 2 miles from their home about 40 minutes after he went missing, she was pretty taken aback.

But even more surprising was what the police said he was doing when they found him.

“It was absolutely a moment of clarity for him,” said Little Rock Sgt. Brian Grigsby.

Apparently, Amrine had only one goal—and even though he didn’t know where he lived or how he got there, the officers said his mind was crystal clear.

“He wasn’t going home until he got those flowers,” Sgt. Grigsby told CBS. “That’s what he wanted. He wanted flowers for his wife, because tomorrow was Mother’s Day.”

So when the dispatchers saw how “adamant” Melvyn was about getting flowers for his wife, they surprised the man with a trip to the store on the way home and even helped Amrine pick them out.

“We had to get those flowers,” Grigsby says. “We had to get them. I didn’t have a choice.”

Amrine gave his wife flower’s every single year on Mother’s Day—it was a memory he hadn’t forgotten because it didn’t come from his mind but, clearly, from his heart.

It was adorable.

Eventually they delivered the lovestruck Amrine back home to his wife, who was waiting for him anxiously. But when she saw his face, she was touched to tears.

“As he came up those steps, and I saw those roses and the smile on his face, I just broke inside,” Doris said. “I just said, ‘Thank you, thank you.’ Because I saw his heart.”

“It’s special because even though the mind doesn’t remember everything, the heart remembers,”  she added.

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