Elderly man saved by the watchfulness and compassion of his postal carrier

July 11, 2017 12:54 pm Last Updated: July 11, 2017 12:54 pm


A postal carrier from Barberton, Ohio recently noticed that it had been two days since an elderly man had picked up his mail, and he hadn’t come out to the mailbox and greeted her as he usually did either. She became suspicious, and it was fortunate that she did.

Heather Rae loves her job because of the daily interaction she has with people, and she was very accustomed to the cheerful words this kind man shared with her nearly every day. His absence was not only missed, but Rae also became concerned.

“I kind of knew something wasn’t right…”

Most of us take our mail delivery for granted, and postal workers tend to become part of the background of our neighborhoods. From a postal worker’s perspective, that’s likely understandable, since they are simply doing their job.

But Rae is clearly a postal carrier who makes extra effort to pay attention to her community and interact with the locals.

“Last Tuesday, I noticed he hadn’t gotten his mail in two days, which was really unlike him so I kind of knew something wasn’t right then,” Rae told local news station Fox 8. “I knocked on his door that day and still no response.”

Rae’s intuition was strong enough to compel her to call 911.

On the second day, she tried yelling the man’s name, but received no response. She also took the time to check his van and didn’t find him there either. She ended up calling 911.

When police and firefighters showed up, they entered the man’s house through an open window to check on his welfare. They found him inside, lying on the bathroom floor and apparently injured.

The officers learned that he had been there for several days, and due to his injuries was unable to get on his feet. Consequently, he hadn’t been able to eat or drink anything.

“It was not likely he would have lasted much longer.”

Had Rae not made that phone call, it was very likely that the situation would have become even worse. The rescue professionals told her that indeed, had she not acted on her intuition the man may very well have not made it.

“They told me he was severely hydrated,” said Rae,” and he was in really rough shape…They said if I hadn’t notified them or made that call, it was not likely he would have lasted much longer.”

“It means a lot…”

Ryan Mollric, who happened to be visiting his mother the day Fox 8 showed up to speak with the neighbors about the incident, said, “I’m not here to look after her (mom) so knowing that someone like a postal worker would go out of their way…It means a lot.”

“The people along her route are realizing just how much she cares for them.”

Thanks to Rae, the man received the medical care that he needed and is doing fine. Rae turned out to be an everyday hero, and everyone involved could not be more appreciative.

Word traveled fast about what she had done, and the people along her route are realizing just how much she cares for others. One man commented that if he should ever find himself in a similar comprised position, “Maybe she’ll do it for me, too.”

Thank a postal worker!

The next time you see your postal carrier, consider thanking them. They’re one of the few people who see you on a regular basis, and you never know when you might find yourself in a tough situation and need help.


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