Elderly couple brings internet to tears when they learn what they did after 75 years of marriage

September 19, 2017 4:28 pm Last Updated: September 19, 2017 4:28 pm

A Facebook user was sitting in Wendy’s with a double cheeseburger when they turned around and saw an older couple together, and their first thought was that this was just the sweetest thing.

But then they looked again.

“In between bites, I saw this gentleman feeding his wife,” they wrote. “The gentleman got up from his seat to throw his food away, and I couldn’t resist asking how long he and his wife had been married.”

The gentleman said to guess, and then after a few tries said he was 96, and his wife was 93. And that his wife suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.

Though she could not even sometimes remember his face, his name, or who this gentleman was, he was feeding her each bite so they could enjoy a night out together as they had done for over 70 years.

“This is their date night,” they wrote. And then the gentleman shared that if he and his wife made it a few more months, they would be celebrating 75 years of marriage.”

The person shared the story to Facebook, adding: “My whole life I’ve yearned for a love that strong.”

“Getting all the way to the end of the line with the person you started out with is one of the most glorious things on the face of this earth. Could a couple be more blessed than to have that happen? To share a deep love and bond that only grows as we age, that is a beautiful thing.”


Soon, thousands of comments about “what love looks like” flooded in, from users’ own love stories to memories of their grandparents taking care of each other in their old age.

“This is my parents, they have been married for 66 years and my mom has Alzheimers and doesn’t know my father, but he comes to see her every day and she smiles when she sees him,” wrote one commenter. “I love them so much and love to see their unconditional love.”

(Briolanja Gomes)

Another commenter shared a heartbreaking story: “My parents were married 73 years..one morning I checked in on dad. I saw bacon and eggs on stove.i asked him why he didn’t eat..he said I made for your mom, but I can’t find her…mom had passed away about 1 month prior…..”

Yet another commenter shared a photo of her grandparents taken as newlyweds.

(Kate Allen Adams)

” Papa did the same kind of thing for Grandma after he picked her up from her hair appointments (she still wanted to stay pretty even while sick). They were married for 65 years before Grandma passed due to Alzheimer’s. This is a picture of them, right before they got married, when Papa returned from serving in the navy during WWII,” she wrote.

“They never took one day for granted with each other and though it was tough at times, Papa doesn’t regret being her primary caregiver. We may not all get 65 years with one person but in my opinion, if you find someone that loves you unconditionally and would take care of you in sickness and health, you will already be more blessed than so many others.”