Egg donor finds that her ‘egg’ grew up and now goes to her college, sings in her a capella group

"You always have that thought in the back of your mind, 'Am I ever going to get that knock on the door?'"
June 28, 2018 2:21 pm Last Updated: June 28, 2018 2:21 pm

A college education is a worthy, but expensive investment. Students often find themselves exploring unorthodox means of income to help get by.

Amy Throckmorton, 40, graduated from USC in 1999. But something she did all those years ago regularly churned out imaginary scenarios in the back of her mind.

As a college student, Amy Throckmorton became an egg donor to help get by financially.

On top of helping an infertile couple who wanted to start a family, egg donation provided some welcomed financial assistance. While in the process of her egg donation, Throckmorton indicated in her profile that she would be willing to meet in person.

“You always have that thought in the back of your mind, ‘Am I ever going to get that knock on the door?'” Throckmorton said to Inside Edition.

Eighteen years later, the knock came. Elizabeth Gaba always knew she was born via egg donation and surrogacy, but was unable to access any information about her donor until she became an adult.

Her quest to find her donor came to a triumphant finish in late April, when she went to Throckmorton’s home after they initially met at a restaurant.

Gaba and Throckmorton were surprised to see how much they had in common.

Finding Throckmorton proved to be a challenge for Gaba. Throckmorton’s donor profile only said she graduated from USC in 1999, was in a sorority, and included a photo of her lounging by the pool.

Gaba, who is also a student at USC, was able to track Throckmorton down with limited information. She managed to find her biological mother through her sorority sisters.

The two were surprised by how well they got along, and how much they had in common. Coincidentally, Gaba is part of SoCal Vocals, the same a cappella group Throckmorton belonged to in her college years.

“I am really obsessed with birds … I guess now I know where that obsession comes from,” Gaba said to Inside Edition while holding one of Throckmorton’s pet chickens.

Throckmorton posted a video of them singing a duet on Facebook.

“Funny story. In college I was an egg donor. Today, I met that egg. She goes to my college and sings in my a capella group. It was a crazy and wonderful day!” Throckmorton said in her Facebook post.

“I’m so excited to know her and especially freaked out (in the best way) to hear our voices together. Skip a minute or two into the video to hear us sing together. Genetics, man!”

The video of the two singing in harmony touched a number of viewers, many of whom had experienced the process of egg donation themselves. The two have become regular friends, and enjoy spending time in each other’s company.

“I think it’s just a beautiful friendship, and we just happen to share 50 percent of our DNA,” Gaba said.