Drunk man jump into lion enclosure to have a word with the kitties

May 8, 2017 3:22 pm Last Updated: May 8, 2017 3:22 pm

Hyderabad, India–An allegedly inebriated visitor found himself face to face with a female lion at a zoo in Hyderabad, India, and somehow emerged unscathed.


Identified as Mukesh, a 35-year-old rail worker from Rajasthan, the man later admitted to police he had been drinking before scaling the big cats’ enclosure inside the Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad Sunday evening, according to The Hindu.


The shocking video shows Mukesh ignoring the cries of others as he drops into the moat and wades toward the cats as a lioness named Radhika runs to the edge of the water.

“He was lucky, as the lions are usually wary of water. Given that these cats are human reared, they are tamer than wild cats and do not see humans as prey. Had it been the tiger’s moat, Mukesh would have become fodder,” a zoo worker told the paper.