Dramatic husky throws tantrum over walk

May 1, 2017 9:34 pm Last Updated: May 1, 2017 9:34 pm

Zeus the temperamental husky doesn’t want to go for a walk unless he can make a big deal out of it.

His owners say he loves to go for walks, but is a childish and stubborn husky (they post videos under the name ZeusTheStubbornHusky) that likes a bit of drama sometimes.

He’s sitting on the couch, leashed up and ready to go. But every time his owner asks whether he wants to go for a walk, he starts to either wail or howl.

Zeus does the same with baths (whether it’s because he wants to take a bath, or because he doesn’t) and when he’s asked to move.

Here he’s refusing to leave a the new car:

And now he’s has an argument over reality TV:

And here for no reason at all:

Huskies are a stubborn breed, so it’s not uncommon for young huskies to “throw tantrums,” or howl a lot and refuse to move, as countless YouTube videos attest to, so it’s a good thing they’re adorable as well.

These dogs are also bred to run, and can be very active (Zeus. whose owners can’t seem to get to move, may be an anomaly). They are not guard dogs. They’ll likely want to chase small animals around a lot, and once you get them to a park you may have a hard time getting it ready to go home.