Dogs panic and disappear from house after building was struck by lava and caught on fire

They ran right out of the house
June 19, 2018 5:34 pm Last Updated: June 19, 2018 5:34 pm

All pet owners know the feeling of panic they get when they can’t find their pets. Their heads fill with questions about where their pets are, whether they are safe, and concerns about their beloved animals being kidnapped.

Even a few minutes without your pet nearby can be worrisome, but Carol Hosley of Hawaii’s Big Island experienced something on a whole different level. Her dogs, Brus and Little Dude, went missing for days amidst active volcanoes.

When Hosley’s apartment caught fire, her dogs, Brus and Little Dude, were missing.

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On May 3, Hosley was hanging out at her Leilani Estates apartment when her building got struck by lava and caught fire.

When firefighters arrived to bring her to safety, Brus, her Jack Russel-Pug mix, got frightened and ran straight out of the house. Her other dog, a black terrier mix named Little Dude, followed closely behind.

Hosley was able to make it out alive, but by the time she evacuated, the dogs were already too far away to see. For the next several days, she searched the area hoping to find her precious pooches.

She hit up the Aloha Ilio Rescue—where she had adopted Brus six months prior—for help. They searched high and low for the little dogs. After 10 days, their efforts finally paid off.

The dogs were trapped between a lava flow and a fence line. Animal shelter workers saved their lives.

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A team consisting of Aloha Ilio President Daylynn Kyles and two others found the dogs trapped in between a cooled lava flow and a fence line. They were badly shaken and covered in red ant bites.

“They were stuck behind a fence, and they couldn’t get out because the lava had surrounded them. It was crazy,” Kyles told Hawaii News Now. “We just knew [Brus] was probably just terrified, he was truly stuck, he couldn’t get out.”

In order to reach the pups, Kyles and her friends had to crawl through the grass and over the fence line. Still, they were able to save the dogs.

Right now, Brus and Little Dude are staying at the rescue while Hosley looks for a new home.

While Hosley lost a lot in the volcano, she’s overjoyed to have her dogs back.

“I’m just thrilled to death, I just couldn’t be happier,” Hosley told Hawaii News Now. “The other stuff is stuff, but I got the dogs.”

Pet Rescue In Leilani Estates

After going missing for 10 days, dogs Brus and Little Dude were rescued near a lava vent in lower Puna.Read more: #HiNews

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