Dog’s friendship with an abandoned six-day-old moose opens the door for a new life

July 7, 2018 10:53 am Last Updated: July 7, 2018 10:53 am

Apparently, dogs aren’t just man’s best friend anymore—moose will do just fine, too.

When a woman saw a baby moose on its own near her home, she was advised to ignore it; the mother could return at any time, and it was best to just let nature take its course. Her dog had other plans, though.

And not only did her dog strike up a heartwarming friendship with this adorable little critter, but that friendship was what ultimately gave this baby moose a brighter future.

Shannon Lugdon found a six-day-old moose, seemingly abandoned, calling for its mother near her home.

On the early morning of June 2, Wallagrass, Maine, resident Shannon Lugdon heard a strange sound near her home—it was a young moose.

The moose, which Lugdon named Miss Maggie Moose, was calling for her mother, apparently after being abandoned.

But looks can be deceiving.

“’Abandoned’ moose are rarely actually abandoned,” Lugdon wrote in a Facebook post.

Indeed, the mother could have returned at any moment. The best approach was to leave the baby alone.

But when Miss Maggie headed towards danger, Lugdon couldn’t ignore her.

That afternoon, Lugdon saw that Miss Maggie was about to put herself in terrible danger: the baby moose was walking towards a roadway and, should she step onto the pavement, there was a good chance she could be hit by an oncoming car.

“Around 1 p.m., we intervened to keep her from wandering into route 11,” Lugdon wrote.

She called two game wardens who helped guide the young moose back to the safety of the shade near Lugdon’s home. The two wardens then cautioned Lugdon to continue to maintain her distance from the baby as her mother might still be close by.

Unbeknownst to Lugdon, though, Miss Maggie’s mom was not nearby; the six-day-old moose had been abandoned.

Leo opened the door for Miss Maggie’s future.

Posted by Shannon Lugdon on Thursday, June 7, 2018

The next day, after Lugdon woke up, she did not see Miss Maggie anywhere. So, she let her dog, Leo, out to do his business.

However, upon walking out the door, Leo made a beeline to a spot in Lugdon’s yard where he discovered the moose; Miss Maggie was waiting there, alone, all night long.

“He walked right over and Miss Maggie and Leo became fast friends!” Lugdon wrote.

From that point on, Lugdon realized that Miss Maggie was abandoned and decided to take care of her.

The Lugdon family now had a moose, and Leo had a good friend.

Posted by Shannon Lugdon on Thursday, June 7, 2018

Lugdon’s first step was to feed the starving moose. She made a grass, clover, and water milkshake, then after consulting a vet, gave the moose lactose-free milk.

And, as you would expect from any grateful, happy, little kid, Miss Maggie heaped love and affection onto her foster parents.

“She followed us around all day begging for attention,” Lugdon wrote. “You can’t imagine how affectionate she was.”

Leo, in particular, crafted a special connection with the baby moose, too. From the get-go they were friends, and as Lugdon and her family cared for the moose, the happy little baby chased Leo around.

Their support gave Miss Maggie a second chance at life.

Posted by Shannon Lugdon on Thursday, June 7, 2018

However, eventually, Miss Maggie would need to be returned to the wild—as cute as she was, she was a moose and not a pet.

So, Lugdon talked to the wardens, and they arranged for a biologist to come the day to relocate the little moose. Ultimately, the biologist recommended that they transfer Miss Maggie to the Maine Wildlife Park.

The Lugdon family said their goodbyes to the baby moose. The following day Miss Maggie was transferred to the park, where she will get the attention and care she needs, and maybe be returned to the wild in the future.

Through friendship and love, Miss Maggie’s tragic beginning was transformed into a more hopeful future.

Watch the adorable videos of Miss Maggie below:

Posted by Shannon Lugdon on Thursday, June 7, 2018

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Posted by Shannon Lugdon on Thursday, June 7, 2018