Dog waits a month for her owner to return—but doesn’t know the sad truth

September 25, 2017 2:29 pm Last Updated: September 25, 2017 6:43 pm

Some people believe that dogs are loyal because of their dependency on people for food and shelter. But other people know better.

Anybody who has seen a dog grieve over the loss of its owner or reunite with its owner after a long absence will tell you that there’s much more to its loyal behavior than basic needs. That is certainly the case for this dog.

This is what loyalty looks like.

Thanawan Tongporn/Facebook

A picture of this loyal dog from Thailand gathered quite a bit of interest when it was shared with an accompanying story on social media.

The dog’s owner had apparently fallen overboard from her home on the water and drowned. Afterwards, the dog sat on the pier waiting patiently for hours each day for the return of her owner—her best friend.

The dog had been waiting for a month for her owner.

Rungrot Kongpiban/Facebook

The photo was taken by someone who knew the story and was trying to help the devoted pooch find a new forever home.

A Facebook post described the dutiful dog’s story and showed her calm, well-trained behavior, in hopes that someone who saw it could step forward and adopt her.

A Plea For Help

Rungrot Kongpiban/Facebook

The Facebook user was enchanted with the dog, but was unfortunately unable to take any more pets into their own home. They told of how locals were feeding the dog for now, but this beautiful dog needed a proper home.

Soon enough, someone who saw the post stepped forward and offered the adorable pup a permanent home. Chalk up another victory for the power of social media!

Things are looking up!

Rungrot Kongpiban/Facebook

Now named ‘Sugar’ because of her affectionate sweetness, the dog lives happily with a family who loves her with all their heart.

One simple social media post made by a thoughtful person wanting to help, answered by someone who was able and willing, made all the difference in the world to Sugar…as well as many others who have heard the touching story.

Rungrot Kongpiban/Facebook


Source: After her owner fell overboard, loyal dog has been waiting for owner at the pier for a month from Goodfullness.