Dog stares at owners in their bed at night, every night—the reason why will break your heart

November 17, 2017 3:37 pm Last Updated: November 17, 2017 3:43 pm

Sometimes, pets aren’t treated the way they should be, and because of this, you never know what you’re gonna get when adopting from a shelter.

That being said, dogs can be just as emotional as humans, but sometimes they have unorthodox ways of showing it.

In this case, a dog from an animal shelter was adopted by an older couple, and they gave him all the love in the world.

(Pexels / Daniel Frank)

According to Gladwire, the new owners didn’t know about his past, but based on the fact that he was in a shelter, they wanted to make sure he was getting the affection he deserved. Everything was going well until one day, the owners noticed something weird about him.

Every night, the dog would stay up and watch them go to sleep, and he would still be staring by the time they woke up.

This surprised them, as they would take him out on walks and do enough activities to tire him out, yet he would still be awake enough to stay up the entire night. The couple didn’t know what to think of it. They took him to the vet, where they said he was perfectly healthy.

What was wrong with him?

The couple went back to the shelter where they had adopted him from, and there they got their answers.

(Pexels / Film Bros)

The dog’s previous owner had gotten rid of him by sedating him while he was asleep, so that when the dog woke up he was already in the shelter, with his owner nowhere in sight.

This dog, though probably extremely tired every day because of his patrolling, just wanted to be sure that his new owners weren’t going to do the same thing to him. The experience certainly traumatized and scared him. He thought that if he didn’t go to sleep, then he couldn’t be sedated and abandoned again.

The couple, though sad to hear this, was relieved that nothing was wrong with him. And as a result, they moved his bed into their room so that he could sleep with them, and not be worried that they were going to abandon him.

It’s always important to know a dog’s history if you adopt one. That way you can understand it better and treat it right so it can give you all of its love in return.