Man checks security camera after he sees his wet dog

"My best friend (Remus' owner) cried when we sent her the video."
June 28, 2018 2:48 pm Last Updated: June 28, 2018 2:48 pm

You’ve seen plenty of stories about dogs running to get help for their owners or even rescuing a human themselves, so that’s why this story shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

But it’s the details that make you stop and say, “wow!”

Smokey lives at a home with a pool, but he’s not a huge fan of swimming.

Posted by Laurie Sorsen Becerra on Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Recently, Smokey and his best buddy, Remus, had a playdate. The two dogs were having a grand ol’ time until Smokey’s owner, Jay, went inside for a moment to use the bathroom.

According to Smokey’s owner, Laurie Sorsen Becerra, the two pooches were acting “a little rambunctious.”

Smokey and Remus somehow ended up near the pool when Smokey’s owner went inside.

While Jay was inside, Smokey and Remus managed to get through the fence and into the pool area. Smokey accidentally slipped into the pool and as seen on the security camera footage, which Becerra shared on Facebook, Smokey appeared to struggle.

With no one outside to help, Remus knew what to do.

Remus realized his friend was in trouble and jumped in to help him.

After pacing along the side of the pool for a few moments, Remus jumped in and gave his friend a boost out of the water. Remus even went to check on Smokey afterwards.

Both dogs appeared fine after the incident.

Becerra wrote on Facebook that when Jay noticed Smokey was wet he became curious. He checked the footage from their security footage and was shocked.

“When we saw the footage we were amazed and our hearts filled with joy,” Becerra told The Dodo. “My best friend (Remus’ owner) cried when we sent her the video. She says he’s a certified lifeguard now.”

Neither dog owner could believe Remus’ action.

Even though the incident looked scary, Becerra wrote on Facebook that it didn’t seem to scare Smokey, at least not too much. He still runs right up to the edge of the pool like he’s going to jump in.

And in order to prevent future accidents when Remus the life-saving pup isn’t around, Becerra purchased Smokey his very own life jacket.