After a couple faces fertility struggles, their dog knows they’re pregnant before they even take the test

“He really adds a layer of love to what we created here in this home.”
December 16, 2017 2:07 pm Last Updated: December 16, 2017 2:07 pm

Having a pet can bring a lot of love and joy to a family—almost like bringing home a newborn baby.

When Rachel Muniz and her husband struggled with having a child, they adopted a rescue dog by the name of Apollo.

Apollo helped Muniz get through some tough times and comforted her when she was feeling down.

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“Apollo knew that I struggled to get pregnant. Apollo was there for me when I had my lows of lows,” Muniz explained to Pets Best Insurance Services.

Although Muniz had fertility issues for some time, Apollo soon had exciting news for Muniz.

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One day, Muniz remembers Apollo putting his nose on her stomach and resting it there for “quite a long time.”

She explained that this was not normal behavior for Apollo.

“What is this dog doing?!” she wondered. She thought maybe he was trying to tell her something.

Sure enough, three weeks later Muniz tested positive for pregnancy!

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After nine months, Muniz gave birth to her adorable son Donovan.

Although Apollo was usually very energetic—jumping around and giving sloppy kisses—that hyper energy switched off immediately when she brought her newborn baby home. She said she had “never seen Apollo so gentle.”


Apollo went from predicting Donovan’s arrival, to becoming his supportive big brother. Muniz says they’re inseparable, and “he really adds a layer of love to what we created here in this home.”

Muniz often remembers the “special” moment Apollo told her the news of her pregnancy.

“He can’t speak English, but he tells us in his own way how much he loves us,” she said.