Dog keeps an watchful eye on child near pool area

May 1, 2017 9:30 pm Last Updated: May 1, 2017 9:30 pm

Dogs often keep a vigilant eye on young children and protect them from danger, making them a good babysitter.

This Newfoundland dog, Sebastian is a good example. He watches over his young owner, Sierra, closely as she picks up some flowers by the poolside. Though the pool has a safety cover, he doesn’t let down his guard and follows her around.

Newfoundland dogs are known to be protective over children and for adults as well. Before you rush to get this dog for your children, check out some facts on this breed:

  1. It is heavy and powerful.
  2. Due to its thick furry coat, it sheds a lot, and drools a lot as well.
  3. It is categorized under working dogs, as it loves to exercise and pulls carts and sleds during wintertime. This also means that it needs a big space for exercising and do well in cool climates.
  4. It has a mild temper and is very protective which makes it ideal as a nanny for the children. That said, due to its huge size, it can accidentally knock a toddler over.
  5. It is a quick learner and easy to train. However, training should start when it is still a puppy.
  6. It is prone to certain health conditions. Make sure the dog undergo health examination and is cleared of certain health conditions.
  7. It is a great swimmer.
  8. It loves to be around people and can be depressed and anxious if left alone for too long.