When man interrogates his 2 dogs over eaten bag of kitty treats—their responses are hilarious

And one of them looks particularly guilty!
May 27, 2017 10:46 am Last Updated: May 20, 2018 1:11 pm

When a man came home and found someone had opened and left an empty cat’s treat bag on the floor. He concluded it wasn’t the cat, so the two suspects were his two dogs,  Macy and Denver.

Then the man waved the empty bag in front of the dogs’ noses before he started his interrogations.

 Macy sat close to the scene of the crime, and when the man asked her their owner first asks whether she ate the ‘Party Mix’ cat snacks.  She seemed rather relaxed, with eyes widen and an innocent look on her face. So, the man said, “I don’t think it is you!”

The empty bag of treats has been torn open.
Not guilty: Macy  sniffs the empty bag, but she looks innocent

Denver, sat rigidly upright, with his eyes closed and tail wagging furiously. Denver also lowered his head and avoided looking at the man.

At one point he showed his teeth and put on a smile and licked his own nose, as if he was saying ” They sure tasted good.”

So, Denver was found guilty. When the man sent him to the naughty zone, Denver had tail between his two legs.

Denver, with his eyes  closed and his tail wagging furiously