Cop spots dog acting weird. After speeding off, he chases it to a house—it wasn’t good

September 27, 2017 3:16 pm Last Updated: September 27, 2017 5:20 pm

The internet is full of touching stories abut the incredible, heroic acts that animals manage to make, particularly when it comes to their owners.

This story, in particular, is a perfect example of how those heroic animals are sometime the difference-makers when it comes to survival.

Wisconsin patrol officer Jeff Gonzalez received the help of a furry friend named John Boy last October, turning what seemed to be a routine police patrol into a life-saving endeavor for John Boy’s owner.

Gonzalez was out on patrol when he ran across John Boy, wandering the streets alone.

The dog’s behavior seemed out of the ordinary for an animal that was either abandoned or a stray, although he seemed to be exhibiting signs of distress.

Gonzalez decided to investigate further, approaching the Labrador in hopes that an encounter with the dog would help him discuss the source of the animal’s woes.

Sure enough, the dog took off down a snowy street, leading the officer on what he hoped wasn’t just a wild goose chase with an agitated canine on a cold winter’s day.

The speed the pup was dashing gave the officer pause, and he hoped that whatever was causing the distress was going to be something fixable—and something that wouldn’t put his own life in danger as well.

Sure enough, the two approached a house a bit down the street, where it turned out John Boy lived with his owner, Krystal.

That’s when Gonzalez realized what was wrong.

Krystal sat out in front of the house on a lawn chair, seemingly normal behavior—but nothing about the situation was ordinary. Krystal was unconscious, still clad in the pajamas no one would be napping on their lawn in, with blue lips and what Gonzalez believed was a dead appearance.

He rushed up the lawn to see if John Boy’s owner was still alive, hoping that he’d gotten there in time to do something.

Luckily, he had—she was still breathing, and he was able to call in paramedics after bringing her to a warmer environment. She was revived and brought back to good health, surviving a harrowing ordeal after having her life saved by her dog and the kind officer that followed his intuition.

It’s entirely possible that, while on patrol, Gonzalez would have discovered Krystal on his own – but the climate outside and the condition she was in left little possibility that things would have ended quite as well if her dog hadn’t had the insight to run and get help. He truly saved her life, and Gonzalez is grateful that he was able to interpret the signals the dog was sending him to get there in time to make something positive happen.

Watch the full story as Gonzalez and Krystal meet up again:

Obviously, Gonzalez is a hero as well. For Krystal, though, her dog truly is a life saver. That has to have strengthened the bond between her and the pup all the more, having gone through such a harrowing ordeal together and coming out no worse for the wear.