Dog casually walks into a bookstore—and relates to one title so much he steals it

You'll never guess which book he stole
March 28, 2018 10:27 am Last Updated: March 28, 2018 10:27 am

There’s nothing like picking up a good book. Bookstores have selections for everyone, and anyone can step in and find something perfect for their taste.

One bookstore in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil had one very unlikely customer recently—who seemed to really relate to a certain book title.

Infinity Livraria, part of the Feevale University campus, had a visitor on March 16 who snuck in so casually no one even noticed he was there:

A stray dog!

(Infinity Livraria/Screenshot)

Security camera footage caught the literate pup’s visit.

He was seen strolling in the automatic doors, then heading to one of the bookshelves.

He grabbed a book that caught his eye …

(Infinity Livraria/Screenshot)

… and nonchalantly walked out without paying.

(Infinity Livraria/Screenshot)

Some stray dogs will steal scraps of food, but this dog was more interested in feeding his mind.

Unfortunately, he didn’t get away with it for long: someone was seen catching the dog outside and returning the book to the counter.

The store employee, Naiara Raquel Pilger, hadn’t noticed the pup but laughed when she heard what had happened.

“I looked at the book and I saw that it was all ruffled, and then I started to laugh,” she told G1.

(Infinity Livraria/Screenshot)

She may have also noticed the title of the stolen book, which seemed like something a stray dog might relate to:

“The Days of Abandonment,” by Elena Ferrante.

The book is about a woman who is suddenly left by her cheating husband.

Did this dog, who too was out in the world on his own, relate to this title on a deeply personal level and knew he had to read it, or did he just grab the first book he saw on the shelf? We will never know for sure, but it’s a pretty funny coincidence.

(Facebook/Infinity Livraria)

The bookstore posted the security footage on their Facebook page, and it has since gone viral, with nearly a million views so far.

As the canine became internet famous, the store also offered an update about his condition. He had apparently escaped from a temporary home, and two local shelter volunteers showed up at the university to return him to the shelter.

He will be vaccinated and put up for adoption soon, hopefully by a family with pretty high bookshelves.

But for now, the dog is just getting some sleep—the bookstore said he’s probably tired from all the media attention he’s been getting.

(Facebook/Infinity Livraria)

Watch the video below:

Da história “o cachorro que roubava livros” só tem na Infinity, galera! 😂🐶

Posted by Infinity Livraria on Friday, March 16, 2018