Dog brought back to the same shelter twice by owners, gets a new home from unexpected rescuer

November 19, 2017 12:25 pm Last Updated: November 19, 2017 1:00 pm

It would be an understatement to say that humans might not understand how attached a dog can be to its owners. A dog’s owner is pretty much their entire life.

And Lady the lab felt strongly about this too, for she hasn’t had the easiest life. In 2012, her owner died, which led to her being placed in a shelter. Soon after she was adopted by another family, but after a year and a half, Lady couldn’t settle into her new home due to her being too rough with the smaller dogs of the family.

Lady’s adoptive owners tried to get a friend to take her, but Lady didn’t want to go along with it.

(CBS 2 News/Screenshot)

Figuring Lady would never get along with the other members of the family, her owners tried to give her to one of their friends. But Lady would not be ignored.

When they took the lab to their friend who lived in Independence, Kansas, Lady escaped and walked back towards the previous owner’s house in Sedan, Kansas, which was a whopping 30 miles away!

Sadly, she ended up in the shelter once again, as neither family wanted to take her back.

The shelter tried looking for new owners for Lady with the help of social media.

(Facebook/Cindy Barclay Powell)

Shelter volunteer Cindy Barclay Powell posted Lady’s story on Facebook, which ended up getting shared thousands of times.

Given Lady’s age, Powell stressed that “she does not have many years left,” so she wanted to find a home for her, and fast.

Luckily, someone who could do something saw the post.

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That person was Helen Rich, the granddaughter and heiress of William Wrigley Jr., the chewing gum magnate. She decided to take Lady in.

Though people could assume that it’s easy to inherit a fortune, Rich said that she knows about enduring just like Lady, as it took her decades to prove her worth to inherit, all while battling breast cancer—twice.

“I’ve had to survive and endure and walk a long, long way like her,” Rich told TODAY. “Her story resonated with me.”

Rich, along with living with seven rescue dogs already at the time, also has a nonprofit called On the Wings of Angels, which helps rescue abandoned dogs.

Rich, taking heed of Cindy’s words, and feeling like Lady belonged with her, she wanted to waste no time getting Lady, so she sent her personal assistants to fetch her (no pun intended).

Rich used a private plane just to get Lady from Kansas to her home in Florida!

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The heiress must’ve been very touched by Lady’s story to go to those lengths to get her that quickly. Rich said that Lady became very happy living on her property, and had tons of company with all of the other rescue dogs, as well.

Sadly, Lady passed away in 2015. But there’s no doubt that she was able to live her last days among people who loved her.

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