Dog always happily greeted owner at the door—but this time he led them to a surprise in bathtub

January 20, 2018 4:03 pm Last Updated: January 20, 2018 4:03 pm

Imgur squishiepeaches was the proud owner of “the best good boy,” Crosby.

Crosby the dog was a happy-go-lucky companion and greeted his owner every day enthusiastically at the door. But Crosby had also had a rough couple of months last year.

About half a year prior, Crosby had lost his “kitty friend,” and about a month before the incident squishiepeaches was describing, Crosby had lost his “best doggo friend that he’s had as a companion since he was 8 weeks old.”

Yet, Crosby seemed to be coping well as an only dog.

Or so they thought.

In September, Crosby’s owner took to imgur to tell the story of coming home and finding a completely unexpected guest in the bathroom.

“Instead of our normal routine of Crosby howling with excitement to see me, he led me straight to the bath tub,” they wrote.

And this is what they found:

There was a kitten they didn’t own, sitting in the bathtub, and it was “meowing up a storm.”

“I’ve never seen this kitten before, and although I do have a doggy door, it’s way too high off the ground for this little baby to have snuck in,” they rationalized. There was only one way this tiny kitten could have gotten into the house, much less into the bathtub, and it wasn’t by the power of its own four tiny legs, nor sheer willpower.

“Seems to me that Crosby must have brought her inside.”

A further point toward this theory was how the kitten looked.

“She has an uncanny resemblance to the kitty friend he lost 6 months ago,” they wrote.

Wary of having unknowingly committed a cat-napping, Crosby’s owner went around to ask their neighbors about this cat. It turned out they’d seen her around before, but the cat belong to none of the neighbors, and no one knew if she had an owner.

“Then I took kitty to the vet to see if she was microchipped, and she isn’t. She was, however, spayed just a few days ago, and is thought to be about 4 months old.”

Still trying to make up their mind about what to do, the vet offered up another piece of information. If they wanted to bring the kitten to the local county shelter, the furry thing would not be in for a happy ending. There were already over 300 cats looking for homes at the shelter, so this kitty would almost for sure be put down.

“[The vet] said I could try putting her outside and hope she goes home, or I could keep her.”

“So I guess I have a kitten now!”

“My high school students named her…”

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“I guess Crosby didn’t like being an only doggo after all.”

(All photos by imgur)