Doctor went into cardiac arrest and died — when she was revived, she described the ‘fairy-like’ beings that she saw

August 16, 2017 9:30 am Last Updated: October 29, 2017 12:00 pm

Nguyen Thanh was diagnosed with a rheumatic fever when she was just 10 years old. Though rare, the fever is deadly.

It often comes from a strep throat complication and it’s a common reality for children aged 10 to 18 years. While suffering from rheumatic fever, Nguyen had to battle muscle aches, painful joints at that tender age that came as symptoms. However, an experienced team doctors and nurses finally managed to treat the fever and assured Nguyen’s family that there was nothing left to worry about.

But they were wrong.

Nguyen started experiencing pneumonia and her breathing became confounded. She had to endure more months of prescribed treatments. But amidst all the pain, Nguyen kept up her sweet manner and her weary smile all through every last bit of her medications.

Nguyen was quite comfortable with the treatments she had received because she felt much better as time flew by. Eventually, she became a doctor herself.

Doctors declared her healed, but a few months after the good news, she got pneumonia for the second time.

For 60 years, she had kept this a secret. She had never seen any need to inform her fellow cardiologists or friends about her previous pneumonia condition until it happened again. She was now left with one option—getting a serious operation.

It terrified her, but it was a necessity that was required for her to take to be able to survive.

She did not look deathly ill on the outside, and some family and friends said as much. But doctors deemed it crucial to schedule and operation for her as soon as possible.

Nguyen’s family hoped that this would be her last treatment. They wanted to remove all traces of the disease left inside of her body.

“I hope that after this, I will finally be able to live as a normal person,” Nguyen wished.

It began as any normal morning in the doctor’s facility. Nguyen laid in the surgical room with one of Malaysia’s best specialists and medical attendants. The bustle at the hospital was a distraction and Nguyen’s family helplessly hoped for a miracle.

During the operation, Nguyen’s breathing became difficult and the life support machine could no longer go through to her. The nurses literally clinked onto the bed and tried to manually keep her breathing during the operation. It was so surreal.

But there were still no answers as to why Nguyen was dying so suddenly.

This couldn’t really be happening! The doctors had done everything right. They were using the machines to keep her body alive, hoping that she would eventually wake up and this terrible nightmare would be over. It wasn’t ending. It just got worse.

Her family was let into the room. They held her hands. Some of cardiologists who performed the operation were her friends and they stood along side her bed while others paced about to have scans and other tests. Nguyen’s child saw the condition her mother was in and cried out in agony, telling her not to leave them.

Nguyen’s heart had stopped beating. Her pulses went numb.

Just as everyone in the room was convinced that she had died, she suddenly woke up. It was a miracle.

Nguyen woke up to find herself held in her daughter’s arms as she cried, “Why? Why all of this? Why are you leaving me?”

Nguyen was completely unaware that she had passed into death for those long, agonizing moments, and then was resuscitated.

“I saw a group of Fairy-like beings dressed in white gowns, but I had no idea I was dead,” Nguyen confessed after the fact.

Two days passed and Nguyen started feeling a fever which lasted for four months.

A friend of hers saw the pain she was going through and suggested a Chinese practice called Falun Gong. Nguyen was hesitant at first because she didn’t believe in the practice. She was a cardiologist who preferred scientific based treatments, and this was something like qigong or tai-chi or yoga—gentle exercises based on ancient and usually spiritual principles.

She had been told about it by a Dr. Thai 12 years ago, but refused to try the practice because it didn’t make sense to her.

But her friend had told her, “Two months and now I’m free of any disease. So strange.”

Seeing how it improved her friend’s life, Nguyen knew that she had to give it a try.

Nguyen started off by doing the five basic exercises of Falun Gong every morning at 4 a.m. Her friend also gave her a book to read, Zhuan Falun, which enlightened her physically and spiritually.

Within no time, Nguyen felt healthier. Her fever disappeared. She used to take a handful of pills every day for a variety of problems, and now she no longer needed them. Soon she was able to go back to work. It was a miracle of a recovery.

Rejuvenated, everyone looked at her, wondering what her secret was. The fellow female doctors and patients admired her natural glow that made her look younger. She told them what her secret was: Falun Gong.

Watch Nguyen’s amazing story below: