Doctor was at gas station when man runs up to him—what onlookers saw—’It wasn’t just any doctor’

What he did was amazing
December 13, 2017 1:53 pm Last Updated: December 16, 2017 12:44 pm

Dr. Javier Soto was driving on his way to the Florida hospital he worked at when he decided to pull over at a nearby gas station to refill his car’s tank. He was scheduled to do a certain procedure at the hospital, so he wasted no time going about his business and pumping the gas.

He never expected that moments later something completely out of the ordinary would fall right in his lap. Something that would compel him to leap into action and be a hero.  

Waiting for the gas to finish pumping, Soto noticed a man running toward him.

(News 6/Video Screenshot)

The man was frantic and appeared to be very worried and stressed. He had noticed Soto wearing scrubs, and quickly approached him, asking for help.

“I was just pumping gas over here and this guy asked, ‘Hey, are you a professional?’ and I was like, ‘Sure, what’s going on?’” Soto explained in an interview with News 6.

The man quickly caught Soto up to speed. He explained that he had been on the way to a hospital with his fiancee, who was in labor, when the baby started coming out. Unsure what to do and beginning to panic, the man pulled over for the delivery and to seek help. Now finding a man in scrubs, he asked Soto to please come assist them.

As it turns out, fate was on the man’s side.

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In a stroke of luck, Soto was an Obstetrics and Gynecology doctor, and frequently performed deliveries of babies. That appointment he had been heading to the hospital for was to deliver a baby, though Soto’s plans had to be put on pause for a few minutes as he realized he had to be the one to help this couple.

Soto quickly leaped into action.

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Arriving at the man’s truck, Soto quickly began giving orders to the couple. Soto told the man to run to the gas station store and grab some necessary supplies and guided the woman with getting through the delivery. 

By the time Soto had arrived the baby’s head was already coming out.  

Only four minutes later a baby boy entered the world. After Soto massaged the baby’s back for a few moments, to the relief of the parents he began to cry.

The lucky coincidence that Soto happened to be at the gas station was not lost on onlookers observing the scene. 

“It wasn’t just any doctor. It was the right doctor,” Ahmed Rasheed, who witnessed the scene, told Florida Today.

“He was just here pumping gas.”

(News 6/Video Screenshot)

Because of Soto’s efforts and prompt action, both the baby and mother turned out to be just fine. With medical personnel arriving shortly after, they were brought to a hospital and taken care of.

“It’s just what I do on a daily basis, you know. It just doesn’t happen to be in a gas station,” Soto said.

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