Deer buried in mud makes it a close call, but the rescue succeeds

May 22, 2017 9:27 pm Last Updated: May 22, 2017 9:27 pm

This is one very lucky deer! Somehow, this young deer ended up in the middle of a site being excavated. The mud was thick and very heavy after having been saturated with what looks to be some pretty significant rainfall. At the very beginning of the video, you really can’t even see her as the crane approaches as gently as a crane can approach. How they saw or noticed her I have no idea.

The bucket slowly lifts up what looks to be one very large scoop of mud. Given the color of the soil, it appears to be more clay-like than dirt-like, which would only make it all that much heavier. Steadily, the crane operator swings the bucket toward solid ground, and cautiously empties the contents with the safety of the deer, should it still be alive, completely in mind.

Upon emptying the pile of mud, there is a slight sense of relief as the deer pops its head out from the muck that could have been her doom. But, it only takes a few seconds and this little one is up on all four looking a little stunned, and if deer can be grateful – she is definitely that, too. One more saved from the hands of our ever-growing population as we expand into animal kingdom territory. Whew!

Don’t you love happy endings?!

Credit: storyful