Daughter wanted to find stepdad an amazing Father’s Day gift—so she digs up the thing he sold in order to marry her mom

September 11, 2017 4:48 pm Last Updated: September 30, 2017 10:48 am


For as long as she can remember, Kristin Russell’s stepdad Dave has always been there for her. He coached every softball team she was on and went to every karate tournament. She even remembers he used to play dolls and read to her when she was little. He’s been there every step of the way for Kristin, and she never forgot that.

When Dave married her mother, he gave up his precious 1973 Porsche 914 2.0L. Dave spent the money he was saving to restore his prized car to marry Kristin’s mom instead. The car was left at a garage, where it was eventually taken apart and sold.

Dave loved his car, but he loved Kristin’s mother more.

Kristin never forgot the lengths he went to support her and their family.

The young woman has always wanted to show her appreciation for her stepdad, so when she finally found an identical 1973 Porsche after two years of searching, she decided to surprise him with the gift on Father’s Day.

She drove from California to Arizona to pick up the 1973 Porsche she had found in good condition, had it transported to a mechanic near her parent’s house across the country in Philadelphia, and planned to surprise her awesome, unsuspecting stepdad Dave.

First she presented Dave with a Father’s Day card thanking him for being an amazing dad. Then the Porsche pulled up on the driveway and revved, and Kristin asked her dad if he heard something outside.

What happened next was something even Dave couldn’t believe for a few minutes.

His reaction is priceless.

Kristin must have felt so great to see her stepdad so happy and excited with this 1973 Porsche after everything he’s done for her. What goes around comes around!

Her dad goes from shock, disbelief, to pure gratitude and joy.

“I don’t believe it.”

Eventually Dave realizes the 1973 Porsche really is his and goes for a spin with his wife.

“This is going to be a blast.”

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