Woman afriad of meeting her birth mom all her life. But the list she’s given—she couldn’t leave it

December 30, 2017 2:17 pm Last Updated: December 30, 2017 2:17 pm

No matter how old we grow, knowing who our parents are is important. Who is the person responsible for your brown eyes and fun personality? Does your love for sports come from mom or dad, and who is responsible for you being so tall? There are so many questions, and getting to the bottom of everything can be exciting and draining. We want to know where we come from.

While looking for her birth mother, Sue Amundsen was hesitant because she didn’t know what she would find.

The 47-year-old had never met her mother and was afraid of what she might find out—but thought it was finally time to try.

With the help of DNA Ancestry, she found leads that could direct her to who her mother is, but once she got the information, she took pause. She didn’t know what she would find, or how her birth mother would react when she did find her.

Steeling herself, Sue decided to proceed and find out the identity of her mother. There was a list of matches, and she made to contact each one.

“For this, it doesn’t mean that there’s a potential match out there—it means there’s family out there that I don’t know,” she said through tears.

When Sue emailed the second name of the list of matches, and her journey to finding her birth mother began to take off.

Sue explained to KGUN that within 2-3 days she got an email back from the lady she emailed.

“She sent me a message and said, ‘I’m pretty sure I know who your mother is.’”

Another email rolled in the next day, but this time it was from her mother.

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Sue discovered her mother’s name is Helen Louise Abernathy and she told Sue she did not know where to start, but “life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile.”

The following days after contact went from emailing to phone calls, and Sue told KGUN that she was informed about her mother’s story of abuse that led to placing her up for adoption. She also found out that she has three sisters.

Sue booked a flight to Cincinnati and was filled with nerves. “After 47 years, I was going to meet my mother,” she said.

Who would not be filled anxiety after meeting their mother for the first time in over four decades?

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The journey was long, but it was worth it. She explained the feeling of meeting her mother and sisters as a victory. “Oh my gosh, I’ve waited this long, and I fought this hard and I did it.” The meeting was filled with emotion from both sides.

Sue explained that while hugging, her mother was crying and “for me knowing that she was crying knowing that this was hard for her, but this is what she wanted and that she loved me.”

Helen proceeded to apologize for putting Sue up for adoption, but Sue explained that she told her mother that, “I appreciate that your sorry, but you don t need to be, and then there was a full rainbow.”

Sue realized that the rainbow showed her that things happened for a reason. She is now happily connected with her birth mother and able to catch up with her siblings.