Daughter convinces mom to play a word game. But what she gets mom to say out loud—mom starts yelling

She even jumps out of her seat
January 31, 2018 5:11 pm Last Updated: January 31, 2018 5:11 pm

Ashley and Mason Embry have been married for more than three years. The couple in their 30s from Nashville, Tennessee are well into their careers, and even though they have a cute dog, Oliver, they wanted to expand their family.

In early 2017, Ashley was pregnant with their first child.

(Facebook / Ashley Hertzog Embry)

She couldn’t wait to break the great news to her mother, Wendy. But instead of making it widely known through her Facebook page, Ashley wanted to do something special.

“I knew it would be more fun if we made it a playful announcement rather than a straightforward announcement,” Ashley told Inside Edition regarding her mother.

That being said, she came up with a fun way to go about it.

Ashley arranged to play a game of MadGab with her mother, in order to reveal the news.

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MadGab is a game in which you are tasked with sounding out words that seem like incoherent messes. Though that may seem silly, the point is to say them aloud so that the words sound like an actual sentence they are intended to mean.

Ashley made her own specific cards for this game for her mother to read. When it was time, Ashley and Wendy sat down to play, while Mason recorded.

The first phrase used by Ashley to her mother was, “Eye Mag Own Abbey Aground Mow There.”

(YouTube / Ashley Hertzog)

Ironically enough, Wendy deemed the card too hard to figure out, and tried to skip it. And obviously, Ashley told her she had to do this one.

Though it may seem obvious by just reading the sentence, Wendy did have a hard time sounding it out, trying to figure out what it actually meant. She pronounced it as “I’m my own grandmother” at one point.

She struggled to understand what it meant, even to the point at which her daughter told her to say it in an Italian accent, so that she could understand it better.

“I’m gonna be a grandmother,” she said, which was the right pronunciation.

But Wendy didn’t think this meant anything. She thought it was a part of the game.

So it was on to the next one.

(YouTube / Ashley Hertzog)

The second card had the phrase, “Hash Lean May Sonar Prague Nut.”

And again, it wasn’t the easiest sentence to say. She pronounced it as, “I may be pregnant,” much to the couple’s delight.

Eventually, she was able to make it out.

“Ashley and Mason are pregnant.”

(YouTube / Ashley Hertzog)

This dumbfounded her. The look on her face showed that she thought these phrases meant something, but she kept playing.

Then, when she tried saying the first phrase again, she realized what was going on.

(YouTube / Ashley Hertzog)

She started yelling and jumping with joy.

(YouTube / Ashley Hertzog)

“I’m gonna be a grandmother?” she asked.

The mother and daughter then embraced, and the tears ensued.

(YouTube / Ashley Hertzog)

“Oh, you’re gonna be a brother!” she said to Oliver.

(YouTube / Ashley Hertzog)

To say Wendy was happy about this would be an understatement. And her reaction was everything the couple had hoped it would be.

The couple’s baby was born healthy in late 2017.

(Facebook / Ashley Hertzog Embry)

Given her initial reaction, Wendy is probably that one relative the couple has that’ll ask to constantly take care of the baby, while pinching her cheeks until they’re red.

If the couple plans on having another baby, they’ll have to think harder to top this reveal.