Dad sits down to order a meal, but when the waiter comes he gets the surprise of his life

July 29, 2017 11:33 am Last Updated: July 29, 2017 11:33 am


Greg Harris’s son Cory had been deployed 14 months ago, and he wasn’t sure when he would see him next.

Little did he know, it would be sooner than he thought, and Cory had an elaborate plan already set in motion.

Cory had planned to surprise his dad in Jack Allen’s Restaurant in Austin, Texas: he had a film crew ready, the restaurant staff was all on board, and he had this whole speech prepared.

So Cory dressed up in a waiter’s uniform lent by the restaurant staff, and approached his table.

Cory ended up not even getting in a single word, because his father glanced up from his menu as he felt someone approach, and recognized his son immediately.

His expression was pure shock, and he leapt up from the table to give Cory a massive hug.

Tears were had by everyone—watch the heartfelt reunion below!