Dad puts baby up for adoption. 23 years later he learns she’s been working right beside him

August 29, 2017 3:57 pm Last Updated: August 29, 2017 3:57 pm

Having children not only brings joy to the home but also great responsibility for the parents — and sometimes not everyone is ready for this. But giving up our own children for adoption is one of the hardest things to do. Here’s a story where a dad finally finds his long-lost daughter, who was given up for adoption right after her birth — and a strange coincidence. Miracles still happen.

When Will’s daughter was born he wasn’t ready to be a father; his life was pretty messed up and he was suffering with alcohol addiction. When he heard she was being put up for adoption, he thought that was the best for her. Deep down he knew he would someday meet his daughter again but no one knew it would take 23 long years!

Will later overcame his addictions and became a pastor. He was moved to start volunteering with a charity mission, the “Phoenix Rescue Mission,” which provides support programs for homeless and vulnerable people.

One special day Will received a phone call out of the blue from his daughter, Amy Robertson, who had been trying to track him down since she was a teenager.

“I found myself volunteering down at the Phoenix Rescue Mission and one day after coming home from volunteering I got that phone call,” Will said in an interview with Fox 10 News.

Amy had managed to get Will’s contact details from one of her nine siblings and she called asking for “Andrew,” Will’s middle name. Will was shocked to hear that as no one had called him by that name for a long time.

She felt quite nervous before calling. It took a lot of courage to finally talk to her biological father.

“I called just to tell him that I was his daughter hoping to meet him and any siblings that I had,” said Amy in an interview with Fox 10. She added, “It took a lot for me to make the phone call, I was really nervous but it was definitely something that I felt I needed to do.”

Will said, “For me to hear on the other end, she said please say something, and my heart’s beating through my chest and the only thing I could tell her was ‘everything’s gonna be okay, everything’s gonna be alright.'”

They both then met for a breakfast the next day and it turned out to be quite an emotional one. Will had been praying for this reunion for many months and his voice was finally heard.

“For the past six months, I have been on a constant prayer that God will finally lead her into my life,” Will told Fox 10.

Will told Amy about his early life and his volunteer work at The Phoenix Mission. That’s when Amy said, “Oh, that’s where I volunteer.” For a moment or two, there was a silence said Will, who thought she was talking about some other mission, but Amy said, “No! It’s the Phoenix Rescue Mission.”

They worked in the same mission in different sections for several months, not knowing their shared connection. Amy worked in the kitchen while Will started initially in the kitchen and later started teaching discipleship classes.

“It’s never a hopeless situation, if it’s meant to be he’ll make it happen, God has perfect timing,” said Amy about finally meeting her father.

They both believed it wasn’t a mere coincidence, and felt blessed and thought the Phoenix Rescue Mission had a huge role to play in their reunion.

After 24 years the father–daughter duo celebrated their first father’s day together.