Dad captures the first year of his premature son’s life

April 17, 2017 7:31 pm Last Updated: April 17, 2017 7:31 pm

This video is the story of Ward Miles’ first year of life. Ward was born three months premature. Since this tiny bean had such a tough start here on earth, his dad, Benjamin Scot Miller, Ward’s decided to record the journey.

And it couldn’t be more touching.

Ward’s parents are grateful to all the nurses, doctors, and hospital staff all over the world who passionately commit their lives to the mission of helping babies get the best start possible in these tender, beautiful beginnings.

Ward’s feet were the size of a fingernail when he was born.

Witnessing these precious moments between baby and mother is truly special.

Baby Ward is home now with mom and dad.

Ben and Lyndsey now have two boys, Ward and Jude. Grab a Kleenex and watch the first year of little Ward’s life unfold. Then share it with a friend or family member who knows, like Ben and Lyndsey, that nothing is as precious as a newborn child, a family, and all of those times in between that we call “life.”

Source: Dad Documents Premature Son’s First Year of Life by benjaminscot on Rumble