Customer walks in to buy soda, what she yells when she drops to floor—ambulance won’t come in time

January 6, 2018 11:40 am Last Updated: January 6, 2018 11:40 am

Fresno, California is home to El Parian, a supermarket that is run by both Issamar Sepulveda, and her husband, Damien. The store itself is popular enough to have over 6,000 likes on its Facebook page, and looks like it’s one of the more beloved Spanish-based markets in Fresno.

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One night, Issamar was working in her office at the store; her husband was at home, taking care of their children. At 7:30pm, Erica, a regular customer who was also pregnant at the time, came in. She went straight to the soda machine to get a soda.

But after she got the soda, she stopped in her tracks and appeared to suddenly bend over a chair in the store. Something was wrong.

She was going into labor.

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Sepulveda was notified by the cashier immediately of what was going on. It would’ve been hard not to notice, since according to the co-owner, Erica threw her soda and screamed, “Oh my God, I’m having my baby.”

At this point, time was extremely crucial. The way it looked, the staff didn’t know how long it would take for paramedics to arrive if they called for then. So the co-owner knew that they had no choice but to work with what they had.

Sepulveda instantly brought the staff together; the butcher and the cashier were going to help with the delivery of the baby.

Before they knew it, the baby was on its way. 911 was called, but it was clear that they wouldn’t get there in time. And obviously, a supermarket doesn’t really have the essential items used to a deliver a baby.

But the butcher had a plan. Instead of using his bare hands to deliver, he ended up using his own apron to catch the baby in, which he ended up doing successfully.

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Sepulveda helped as well, using blankets from her office to cover the baby. She even used a pair of scissors to cut the umbilical cord!

She also sent the cashier across the street, to her house, to get a nasal aspirator for the baby. She credits being a mother to how she used her quick thinking, telling the Miami Herald, “I guess its like an instinct.”

Once the paramedics arrived, they took the baby, still in the store-provided improvised garments, and transported him away on a gurney. A Facebook Live post captured the newborn crying as he was safely taken away.

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The co-owner said that it only took 25 minutes from the time it started to the time the baby was born, but she and the staff did everything they could in that time to make it possible.

The baby was named Toby, at birth weighed 7 pounds, and is doing well along with his mother.

Sepulveda started a GoFundMe page for the mother, hoping to support this mother more.

Being a mother herself, Sepulveda already knows what its like to go through childbirth. So she knew that all resources available had to come into play when it became clear the baby was going to be delivered in the store. Though the employees had to help do so under immense pressure, they all played a role in helping this baby come into the world, alive and in the end healthy.

A Fresno woman got more than bargains while shopping at a local market– she gave birth to a baby boy.

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