Crocodile attacks couple in private swimming pool

May 12, 2017 5:43 pm Last Updated: May 12, 2017 5:43 pm

The moment a couple were attacked by a crocodile in their hotel pool has been captured on terrifying CCTV footage.

The recording from October 27, 2016, comes from Kariba, Zimbabwe, and captures a Nile crocodile getting into a private pool with a couple, and then to their horror proceeding to attack them. The couple had just met that day a few hours prior, and were with a group of eight on holiday at the Little Kariba house.

The man and woman were enjoying a late night swim when they creature crawled out of the shadows and launched itself into the water.

Seconds later, the croc begins thrashing in the direction of the couple, prompting the man to leap to safety out of the side of the pool.

But the woman cannot escape so easily and is forced to fend off the 6ft-long animal as she desperately tries to swim away.

Eventually, the CCTV shows her clambering out of the pool after close contact with the wild animal, while the crocodile remains in the water.

The woman luckily survived, and managed to fight off the crocodile before jumping out of the pool, no thanks to the gentleman she was in the pool with.

The couple immediately left the reptile in the pool. The girl had some deep cuts on here shoulder back and elbow, but nothing serious. The crocodile was relocated by parks to a strictly game area with no human contact possible.