Covered in gasoline, kitten is rescued by a woman who has something in common with him

November 19, 2017 1:14 pm Last Updated: November 19, 2017 1:28 pm

Many people feel empathy for animals, especially when they see one suffering. But one woman’s connection with a kitten seemed to extend beyond the norm, especially when she realized she shared a similar story with the abandoned animal.

While on a road trip through Louisiana, Moonglade Rose and her boyfriend stopped at a gas station, as they had a strange feeling about the location. They both somehow had a sixth sense that there would be a cat needing help there.

And sure enough, they were right.

At the gas station, a kitten was on the ground, lying in cigarette butts and gas, and as a result his skin was burned.

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The couple brought the six-week-old kitten home to nurse him back to health.

“The first two nights I didn’t sleep. I stayed awake laying on the floor with my arm in his cat bed so he could hug me,” Moonglade said in a video.

She named the kitten Andy, and he would not stop hugging his rescuer once he started.

“More than anything he needed to feel safe and loved,” she said.

Slowly but surely Moonglade helped Andy become healthy again.

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Moonglade, though obviously doing the right thing by helping this poor kitten, wanted to make sure that this kitten wouldn’t be abandoned. Because, ironically, the same thing had happened to her when she was an infant.

It turns out that Andy was found only five miles from where Moonglade had been born, and later abandoned as an infant.

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Her meeting Andy was like her life had came full circle, in a way. What were the odds she would find and change another creature’s life so close to where her own life changed as well?

“I KNOW we are soulmates,” Moonglade told LoveMeow, referring to her feline friend. “I rescued him from a puddle of gasoline and he rescued me from crushing loneliness.”

Moonglade had always felt alone growing up. The fact that she and Andy are technically orphans brought them closer together. And given that they’ve slept together every night since Andy’s rescue a year ago, it’s safe to say they are now inseparable.

Andy has even become best friends with Moonglade’s pug.

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Hopefully, Moonglade can now associate that location in Louisiana with something much happier: a kitten who loves to cuddle.

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