Couple’s picture has Twitter users shocked and confused

That is quite the camera angle
June 29, 2018 9:02 am Last Updated: June 29, 2018 9:02 am

They’re the cutest couple since Yanny and Laurel.

What started off as an innocent hug between two coworkers has turned into the latest viral sensation baffling the internet.

Here’s the full photo, which was posted by Twitter user @Boom_likean808:


At first glance, this seems pretty straightforward. The man in blue is hugging the woman in the magenta shirt from behind while she sits at her computer.

Right? But if you take a closer look, you realize things aren’t exactly as they seem.

Look at the man’s shoes:


He seems to be wearing heels.

Now, we’re not judging. If a man can get around in heels, that’s actually pretty impressive. But it is the first clue that there’s more to this than meets the eye.

“At first i thought he was wearing the heels,” @Boom_likean808 wrote in the tweet … a caption that confused some of his followers:

But as much as it looks that way, he’s not the one wearing the heels.

The photo’s perspective makes it look like they’ve switched bodies.

In reality, the man is sitting at the computer, and the woman—in the heels, white pants and blue shirt—is hugging him.

Instead of the man hugging her over her right shoulder, she’s hugging him over his left.

Another Twitter user offered this handy visual guide to those still not believing it:

Minds were blown on the internet:

Like “The Dress” and “Yanny vs. Laurel,” the illusion was made completely by accident, according to @Boom_likean808, whose real name is Christopher Joseph.

“An ex-employee … took the picture with a coworker and it ended up being an optical illusion,” he told Today. “It was done by mistake.”

It’s not the first time unusual photo angles accidentally created an optical illusion. Some Twitter users even chimed in with their own examples:

But the office picture is notable because it’s just so convincing—even when you know who’s who, it’s hard to shake the first impression that the guy is in heels.

Another day, another viral optical illusion, and another reminder that your eyes might just be deceiving you.