Couple who suffered miscarriages are inspired to throw huge birthday parties for homeless kids

"We didn't realize how much joy they were going to bring us, and that was so healing for me"
July 16, 2018 10:21 am Last Updated: July 16, 2018 10:21 am

After a Los Angeles couple suffered some personal tragedies, it inspired them to help others—and led to a growing project that’s touched countless lives.

Mary Davis and her husband Ari Kadin were struggling to have children of their own. Davis suffered two miscarriages. 

But six years ago, the couple found a motivational way to recover from their losses while also doing something incredible for the people in need in their community. The couple lives near the “Skid Row” neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles, where many people are in severe poverty.

“We are in ground zero in Skid Row and children live here,” Davis told CBS News“So many children in Skid Row needed to feel important and loved.”

Screenshot via YouTube/CBS Evening News

Needless to say, many of these families cannot afford to properly celebrate their children’s’ birthdays, so to give these kids the normal life they deserve, the couple started Worthy of Love, a nonprofit that throws huge birthday gatherings for kids in need.

Once a month, they throw a rooftop party, complete with dancing, games and cake. And the event just keeps growing: while the first event only had 15 kids, the most recent had 200.

It was a way for the couple to give back, and making kids’ lives a little brighter has boosted their spirits.

“We didn’t realize how much joy they were going to bring us, and that was so healing for me,” Davis said.

Screenshot via YouTube/CBS Evening News

Every month, they celebrate kids whose birthdays would’ve otherwise passed unnoticed, like 12-year-old Briana Randell, whose family is in a difficult financial situation, staying at the Union Rescue Mission. Despite this, her mother wanted to give her a proper birthday somehow.

“I still want them to live a normal life, you know? … we’re in a tough situation right now. I want them to still be kids,” Crystan Randell said.

Instead, Briana got to celebrate her birthday at Worthy of Love’s recent Dr. Seuss-themed party.

Screenshot via YouTube/CBS Evening News
Screenshot via YouTube/CBS Evening News

And Davis and Kadin got a happy ending: they finally had a baby girl of their own. While they’re not in the same financial situation as many who rely on their nonprofit, they still plan to celebrate their daughter’s birthday with Worthy of Love for an uplifting reason:

“I want her to grow up knowing there are kids that don’t get everything that you have,” Davis said. “You also have to bless others and bring happiness and joy to those that need it most.”

Screenshot via YouTube/CBS Evening News