Couple were in rehab for drug addiction when doctors break news that shakes them to their cores

"I was scared"
February 4, 2018 1:47 pm Last Updated: April 12, 2018 6:18 pm

Kathleen Dennis, 26, began doing drugs when she was 14 years old.

Starting with marijuana, and eventually going to opioids, she found herself unable to control her addiction for years.

This would also take a major toll on her relationship with her family.

(Facebook / Kathleen Davis)

“All my family ever wanted me to do was to get help but I was so disrespectful,” Dennis told Daily Mail. “I would steal from them . . . drugs made me so selfish.”

When she was in her early 20s, it got to the point where she was checked into rehab in 2014 order to kick her addictions.

This is when she met Kirt Graves, now 38. Graves was also trying to seek help for a drug addiction.

In the process, they fell for each other.

(Facebook / Kathleen Dennis)

While still in recovery, they planned on moving into an apartment in West Palm Beach, Florida, with hopes of becoming sober.

But once they settled into their new place, they relapsed.

Drugs like crystal meth, heroin, and cocaine were their go-tos.

The duo would spend over $3,500 a week on drugs; it had seemed that the move only made their addictions worse. The habit finally caught up to them when they were evicted from their apartment, and Dennis and Graves were left with no choice but to live in her car.

Realizing that their addictions were getting the best of them, the pair decided to try rehab again. In November 2016, they were accepted to a rehab facility in California, and they hoped that this would be a new beginning.

But right in the middle of rehab, a curve ball was thrown into their relationship.

In January 2017, Dennis found out she was pregnant.

This was a wake-up call for both of them. Though they were excited to have a child, they were fearful of bringing a baby into the world with the conditions they were in.

“I was scared I wasn’t going to be able to give my baby the life he deserved,” Dennis said. “I knew he didn’t deserve to have strung out junkies as his mom and dad.”

The couple agreed that something had to change if they were going to have this child.

For the sake of the baby, Dennis and Graves pledged to stay sober.

(Facebook / Kathleen Dennis)

They finished their 90 day rehab program, and moved into a sober living facility afterwards. Next they reconnected with their loved ones that they had pushed away when they were addicts; Dennis and her parents now call each other on a regular basis.

With Dennis and Graves supporting each other, they both had become fully sober, and gotten their lives back on track, just in time for the baby.

Their son, Rowan, was born in September 2017, healthy as can be.

(Facebook / Kirt Graves)

The couple credits Rowan for not just helping them get sober, but for also improving their relationship in general.

“We are just stronger together,” Graves said.

Graves says that former addicts tend to worry about relapsing, but when he sees Rowan, he knows that there’s no way he can go back to that state.

(Facebook / Kathleen Dennis)

The couple now lives in their own apartment in Huntington Beach, California, and Graves has a new job to support the family.

Dennis and Graves are eyeing marriage and more kids in the future. And that wouldn’t be possible had they not mustered the strength to kick their addictions, for themselves and their baby.