Couple was told there was a small hole in their backyard. One week later—they’re ‘seriously shocked’

Then the government told them the real reason why
February 8, 2018 2:10 pm Last Updated: February 8, 2018 2:10 pm

Ray and Lynn McKay reside in Queensland, Australia. As a retired couple, they say that they sleep in often.

But in the summer of 2016, they were in for a rude awakening.

One day, Lynn was awakened around 9 a.m by their neighbor knocking on their door.

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When Lynn answered it, she heard something from her neighbor she had to see for herself.

“I come out and I’ve got a hole in the ground,” she told ABC Net.

There was a a small sinkhole in their backyard.

Though it was a little one, they didn’t know how to approach it at first. Given there were no water pipes in the backyard, they couldn’t figure out what the cause of it was.

Then, it got worse.

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The sinkhole kept getting bigger — in just one week, it had expanded 50 feet.

This was astonishing to the couple, but it was also just as scary.

The McKays had moved to a hotel for the time being, as they were fearful that eventually, the sinkhole would overtake the rest of their backyard, taking their house as well. The couple had lost everything in a 2011 Queensland flood, and were afraid of having history repeat itself.

Until, they found out what the problem was.

The local government found out that there were mines underneath the area from decades prior.

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The couple’s house was on top of a mine shaft that was used going back to the late 19th century. Ironically enough, the couple lived on Coal Street — the connection was uncanny.

“We were seriously shocked,” Lynn told The Guardian.

How could they have lived in this location for 25 years, and not have a clue about this?

It turns out that the mine shaft last used in the 1920s had not been properly recorded by its workers — the shaft was said to be over 130 feet from the McKay’s home.

After figuring out the issue, multiple companies, such as the Department of Natural Resources and Heritage Protection, worked on filling the sinkhole up. The mayor of the town comforted the couple, even offering to pay for their hotel should they need the money.

It wouldn’t be long before the couple was able to move back into their home, with a nice patch of grass over the area.

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“It’s getting there,” Lynn told ABC Net about how their lives were getting back to normal.

Thankfully, the sinkhole was fixed before any real damage had been done. And maybe the McKays will consider getting an above-ground pool should they desire one.