Couple wanted to reveal their baby’s gender in unexpected way—what floated down in a basket brought everyone to tears

November 11, 2017 4:23 pm Last Updated: November 11, 2017 4:43 pm

In December, 29-year-old Brooke Holton and her husband, Jordan, are expecting the birth of their first child. Naturally, they are excited and wanted to do something special for their baby’s gender reveal.

Brooke’s family floated several ideas back and forth; many of which involved Coco their 7-year-old Yorkshire terrier. Some of these ideas included having her leap out from inside a box or run outside wearing a blue or pink ribbon.

Yet there was one idea involving Coco the dog that soared above the rest.

Brooke Holton and Coco (Inside Edition/Screenshot)

Coco was to come down from the balcony inside a basket suspended by 75 balloons. The mastermind behind this crazy idea was none other than Brooke’s 53-year-old aunt, Joy Collins. The couple agreed that, as long as Coco was safe and secure, this would make for a creative and hilarious way to reveal their child’s sex.

On August 6, partygoers watched in awe as Coco’s basket dropped from their balcony in Vernon, Canada. Attached with it was a note that said, “I’m having a sister.” Everyone thought this was amazing and a few guests were even brought to tears, Collins included.

The sight of Coco floating down from the balcony in a basket was “magical.”

(Inside Edition/Screenshot)

“I started crying even though I knew it was going to happen,” Collins admitted to ABC News, “She’s my niece, and I wanted everything to go perfect, and I think it did.”

Brooke thought the reveal was pretty magical herself.

“The little note made me emotional. I am not a super emotional person but it just like choked me up. It was so magical,” she told Inside Edition.

She’s super excited for her baby. “I’m looking forward to having a best friend for life,” she noted.

That little girl is not just going to be a close friend for Brooke but for Jordan, Collins, and Coco too. Coco’s trip from the balcony might not have taken very long but, with a new sister by her side, her heart is going to keep on soaring for years.