Couple tries for a baby and they succeed after 4 years of disappointing results

After the positive results, Ariel was ecstatic
July 10, 2018 1:53 pm Last Updated: July 10, 2018 1:53 pm

Many couples dream of starting a family. It does take awhile to get to that point, financially and mentally, but it all makes it worth it when the baby finally comes.

YouTube vloggers Chris and Ariel had been trying for a baby for four years.

(Chris and Ariel / Screenshot)

One can imagine the amount of patience both of them had when it came to reading each pregnancy test.

Who knows how many times they were disappointed at the constant negative results.

But the couple never gave up hope, and a video in January 2018 showed their dreams finally coming true.

The video started out with Ariel finding out she was pregnant.

The woman took a test inside of a Starbucks, and upon finding out the positive results, recorded her reaction as soon as she got back in her car.

(Chris and Ariel / Screenshot)

This happened to be the one test that she hadn’t done with Chris.

“On a hunch, I didn’t tell him I was taking one,” Ariel said.

Given the circumstances, she decided to surprise him with the reveal. In fact, the result had come right around the time of the couple’s wedding anniversary.

The stars lined up for Ariel to share the unexpected news with him.

On video, Chris opened up what was supposed to be an “early anniversary gift.”

(Chris and Ariel / Screenshot)

He took his time opening up the package, and once he saw what was inside, it took him a while to process it.

(Chris and Ariel / Screenshot)

“Are you kidding me?” he said to her.

Once he realized what was going on, he started crying.

The long wait was over, and they were finally going to be parents.

(Chris and Ariel / Screenshot)

As for the gift, it wasn’t the actual pregnancy test—it was a baby outfit.

The clothing read “Boyfriend 2011, Husband 2013, Father 2018”—a clever way to do the reveal.

(Chris and Ariel / Screenshot)

They’re still tracking the progress of the pregnancy, even making a video dedicated to the gender reveal.

Spoiler alert: it’s going to be a girl.

As of May 2018, Ariel was in the third trimester, but this doesn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy a day at the beach.

Hopefully, their baby is born as healthy as can be, and let’s also hope that should they want another child, it won’t take them another four years.

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