Couple takes a huge leap & adopts 8 siblings—but then an unexpected email drops a surprising truth

"We thought it was crazy"
March 8, 2018 5:58 pm Last Updated: March 25, 2018 8:57 am

When one family was nearly split apart, it took another family teaming together to save them.

Jacob Smith, a full-time college student from Florida, and his wife Peggy have never had kids of their own, but both believe deeply in the value of helping others.

But then, Jacob found his purpose—when he spotted a Facebook post.

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He was up late one night last year when he came across a story about a group of children in need of a home—eight young siblings, ranging from a toddler to a 14-year-old, who couldn’t be separated.

Jacob was immediately struck by the story: “Their photo pops up, and I’m like ‘wow, what a beautiful family,'” he told Caters News.

Peggy was moved, too, but the financial logistics of suddenly adopting eight children regretfully forced them to leave the idea behind.

“If we had the financial means to do this, we would definitely do it.”

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But then, an amazing coincidence revived the idea of adopting the siblings:

Jacob’s parents had seen the same story—and also wanted to help.

His parents, who live nearby, are no strangers to taking in children: they have fostered more than 100 children over the years.

Jacob’s mother, Loryn, had heard the siblings’ story and considered getting involved, but partly felt that her time was up—so she awaited a sign.

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That sign arrived when she found out her son also wanted to adopt the kids. She called and asked if he was serious about the idea.

When Jacob explained that he was only held back by the financial situation, his mother proposed a remarkable solution:

To split up the kids and each raise half of the siblings.

Jacob and Peggy would take the younger children, while Jacob’s parents would adopt the older ones. It was the perfect solution: neither family would have the burden of suddenly taking in eight children, but since they live so close and are one family, it would be like the kids are still together.

Everyone was on board with the idea—and soon, the siblings finally had a home.

“A few days later we had four children at our door,” Jacob told Caters News. “We went from having no children to effectively having nine.”

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That’s right: nine. Turns out, there was yet another twist in the story:

“We actually didn’t know there was a ninth baby,” Peggy said. “There were only eight children in the original post.”

“But we got an email saying ‘mom had number nine.'”

Despite the unexpected addition, Peggy said her baby boy has been “just been a dream.”

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Even though both families are only taking half the load, they know this is still a big responsibility and undertaking:

“We do know this is probably the hardest thing we will ever do,” Peggy said. But she knows it’s absolutely the right thing to do:

“We thought it was crazy, but we thought why not? Why not this family? We have a home. Why not grow our family this way?

“We feel it boils down to if not us, then who?” Loryn said.

“We received a card from our 10-year old soon to be daughter, in it she wrote, ‘Thank you for letting us be in your home, you saved us from being separated.’’’

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The family is also in need of new vans with room to accommodate the kids, and the Promise Love Foundation is taking donations to help them.

It’s an inspiring story—not just a happy ending for these nine siblings, but a dream come true for their adoptive family as well.