Couple plans to write 3 things about each other on chalkboard. But ‘7 words’ she wrote made him cry

October 28, 2017 3:45 pm Last Updated: October 28, 2017 3:45 pm

In a uniquely themed photo shoot, this loving young couple each prepared a personal message by picking out three qualities that they admired most in each other—little did the husband know—what lay in store for him was going to change his life forever…

Chelsie had just found out that she was expecting. Generally, the first person that a woman breaks the news to is her partner. But Chelsie had her own agenda—she took the announcement to a whole new level.

Together with her photographer, Kara Quinn, she plotted and planned and eventually came up with a delightful idea to make the photo shoot one that her husband, Will, would never forget. The crafty photographer constructed a fake email only confirming the photo shoot as a celebratory moment for the couple.

When they arrived at the location of the planned photo shoot, the photographer asked them to take a chalkboard each. They were instructed to write down, in order, the three things that each of them admires most about the other. Then the photographer shot the photos, capturing the emotions expressed on camera.

Will, blissfully unaware of his wife’s plan with the photographer, happily joined in the fun. He flipped his chalkboard over after writing the words, “beautiful, witty and smart.” He waited anxiously for his wife’s message. He expected her to write, “I love you.”

As Chelsie turned her chalkboard over, her message went straight to his heart, “you are going to be a daddy!”

Will couldn’t believe his eyes! As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words … see his expression in the visuals below.

Their efforts paid off; they managed to pull off a stunning photo shoot. The couple’s celebratory moment seemed to be one of the best that they had experienced so far, with many more blissful moments yet to come…

Photo credit: Facebook | Kara Quinn Photography.