Couple do a crazy gender reveal for their baby—in outer space

You have to see how far they go with this
December 1, 2017 2:49 am Last Updated: March 22, 2018 5:11 pm

Just when you think that gender reveal videos will go out of style, one pops up that tops them all.

And in all fairness, it’ll be hard to top this one, both literally and figuratively.

(Lance Patrick/Screenshot)

Lance and Ashley, from West Virginia, are expecting a child, so naturally, they wanted to do a cute gender reveal video. But given the amount of those kinds of videos, especially recently, they didn’t want to do one that would get lost in the shuffle. They wanted to do a video that stood out.

They recently concocted a plan to do the gender reveal in a way they had never seen before—and it wasn’t going to be at a family party or at some big fancy restaurant. It wasn’t even going to be inside of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Lance and Ashley wanted to reveal the baby’s gender in outer space.

(Lance Patrick/Screenshot)

With the help of a team from the organization called Earth to Sky Calculus, which specializes in helium balloons, they constructed a giant helium balloon that could reach past the stratosphere.

The balloon had its own copilot too—Spunk the Monkey—which played a role in the reveal later on.

(Lance Patrick/Screenshot)

The balloon was all set to be able to reach past the Earth’s atmosphere. When the pressure from outer space was too much, the balloon would burst, causing the copilot to come back down to the Earth with a parachute. The parachute itself would reveal whether Ashley’s baby was a boy or a girl.

GoPro cameras were all over the balloon to record the reveal.

The GoPro caught Spunk’s journey, as he ascended from the ground all the way to space. The balloon’s distance from the ground was tracked, and it eventually reached over 107,000 feet, which is about 20 miles from the surface.

(Lance Patrick/Screenshot)

Shortly after it reached 20 miles, the balloon burst!

(Lance Patrick/Screenshot)

Spunk starting falling back down to Earth, with the GoPro still focused on him. Not long after, another camera captured Spunk’s deployed parachute.

“Houston, we have confirmation. It is indeed a boy,” Lance said.

(Lance Patrick/Screenshot)

The baby’s name and gender was even on the parachute! The couple will name him Tesla Curtis, which clearly ties in with his parents fascination for science, given they went to these lengths to do such a unique gender reveal.

Not only have they set the bar for gender reveal videos, the couple also claimed that they set the world record for the highest altitude gender reveal!

Young Tesla is due on December 7, and it looks like the little tyke will always have a cool story to tell his future friends, and an awesome video to back it up.

Watch the full video here: